• Aïsha Devi – Light Luxury

  • Aïsha Devi “Light Luxury” and “DNA ☤ ∞ / Inner State Of Alchemy” videos via Boiler Room & PAPER Mag

    Boiler Room 4:3 have premiered the phantasmagorical video for Aïsha Devi’s “Light Luxury” dir. by Tianzhuo Chen. It’s an epic aquatic work drawing on the excess of the nouveau riche in China with fantastic demons.

    And Emile Barret’s spiralling 3D VR video world for Devi’s tracks “DNA ☤ ∞ / Inner State Of Alchemy” is premiered as part of a feature on her and their longterm audio-visual collaboration for PAPER Mag. Prepare to be totally tripped out!

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  • Aïsha Devi ‘DNA Feelings’ LP out May 11 on Houndstooth


    Aïsha Devi’s sophomore album, DNA Feelings, has just been announced for release by Houndstooth on May 11, along with lead single “Inner State of Alchemy”, as covered in XLR8R, Tiny Mixtapes, RA, and Uproxx. What is clear from Devi’s cryptic artist statement (see below) is that this album aims to activate those silent chains of our DNA and amplify the listener’s connection with the cosmos, which is a very likely inevitability if you’ve ever had the opportunity to experience her live. Expect numerous further transmissions from her website prior to the album’s release.

    The DNA Feelings AV show ft. Emile Barret will debut at MIRA Berlin on May 5 and tour worldwide. Devi will begin to offer DJ sets in Autumn. For live AV and DJ bookings contact: brandon [at]

    Upcoming live AV shows:

    9 Mar – Istanbul, IndieCity @ Salon IKSV 
    17 Mar – Lisbon @ Musicbox
    24 Mar – Azores Tremor @ Arquipelago
    5 May – Berlin MIRA @ Funkhaus
    12 May – Lyon Nuits Sonores @ Le Sucre
    16 May – Los Angeles @ The Echoplex
    17 May – New York @ Elsewhere – Zone One
    24 May – Vienna @ Hyperreality
    14 Jun – London @ Oslo


  • Aïsha Devi – Resident Advisor feature


    For me the best piece of music is something that could last forever,” [Aisha Devi] says. “That’s why I work with electronic music and software like Ableton. You can play a loop and you can play that loop forever. You can die and it’s still playing, and I love that idea. That’s why the repetition in electronic music is so close to mantras. Repetition is perfection.

    In the her most in-depth interview yet, Aisha Devi speaks with Resident Advisor’s Holly Dicker about the evolution of her musical persona and misfit label/collective Danse Noire in Switzerland, her difficult backstory and how she came to meditation, integrating spirituality holistically into her practice. Of Devi, Dicker writes:

    To really understand Devi you have to listen to her album, Of Matter And Spirit, which came out on Houndstooth in 2015, and captures the emotional and spiritual journey that began in 2010. It’s a binaural document of everything she’s discovered in that time, condensed into a ten-track excursion of electronic hypnosis, written in a state of meditation and for meditative purposes. It’s healing music, to be consumed in a club, ideally with others—because collective consciousness is the key to happiness, she says. […] she is a radical doing radical things with sound, spirituality and the psychoactive properties of music … Devi’s live shows are visceral experiences that, for a while, can skewer one’s perceptions completely […] nothing beats Devi’s voice live. It fractures time.

    Go in deep with Aisha Devi by reading the incredible full feature and come away transformed!

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  • Aïsha Devi delivers FACT mix

    Heady atmospheres and off-the-wall edits from a unique artist.

    Aïsha Devi,  in 2013 launched her own label Danse Noire, with the Aura 4 Everyone EP. Followed by the Hakken Dub/Throat Dub 12″ in summer 2014, Aïsha has always dedicated herself and her music in a continuous discovery of abstract techno/club structures, combining her Tibetan and Nepalese heritage with an ingenuous use of her machines to transmute deep meditation. 

    For her FACT mix, Devi has delivered us a total riot, an atmospheric and unpredictable set packed with off-the-wall edits and unreleased goodies from artists like Fis, J.G. Biberkopf and Danse Noire’s IVVVO.

  • Aisha Devi’s “Of Matter & Spirit” remixed by Lakker, Throwing Shade, Killing Sound++


    Last October Aisha Devi released her shamanic electronic debut LP “Of Matter And Spirit” on Houndstooth and on March 18 it will be subjected to the remix treatment from the likes of Lakker, Throwing Shade, Killing Sound ft. Rider Shafique & Bogues, and Mind:Body:Fitness. Dummy, Electronic Beats, Zweikommasieben, and Mixmag have been kind enough to share the streams below and Resident Advisor has already given it a 4.2/5 review!

    Devi premiered her live A/V show ft. Tianzhuo Chen at Berghain for CTM on Feb.4 to an ecstatic full house. Juno Download had to say this about it:

    Aisha Devi, ever the show woman, delivered a dynamic live performance of rich vocal chants that rode high over her esoteric arrangements of electronics danced to on stage by Chinese Butoh dancer Beio, truly mesmerising. Featuring the support of Tianzhuo Chen’s visuals of avant-garde psychedelia too, what we saw referenced an array of religious symbolism; Magick, Sadhu ritualism, androgynous clowns and dwarves. It’s not often you witness something like this.

    She recently supported Oneohtrix Point Never, including his sold out show at Heaven in London, and played a string of dates in Munich, Prague, Budapest, Amsterdam, Ghent, and Lyon. Devi will appear at these Spring events + much more TBA very soon:

    3/25 Geneva, CH – Electron Festival @ Rez
    3/27 Cervia, IT – Modulo Festival preview
    4/9 Bordeaux, FR – Les Semaine Digitale @ Le Rocher de Palmer
    4/15 Mannheim, DE – Jetztmusik
    5/21 Brighton, UK – The Great Escape: The Quietus @ St. Georges

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  • Aisha Devi – ‘Mazda’

  • Aisha Devi’s debut LP ‘Of Matter And Spirit’ announced for October release on Houndstooth


    Aïsha Devi follows last month’s ‘Conscious Cunt’ EP (stream here), re-examining contemporary portrayals of femininity, with her debut LP ‘Of Matter And Spirit’ on Fabric’s Houndstooth this October. The album takes its name and inspiration from the book by her grandfather, a CERN physicist, with whom she’d conversed deeply on the topics of “sound, vibrations, and the parallels between physics and spirituality.” Furthering her personal practice of and interest in meditation, mantras, shamanism, and healing frequencies she is aiming to “trigger a social and spiritual awareness through music” with the album. Stream lead track ‘Mazda’ below. “It’s about burning the ego and finding inner peace. It’s a meta love song.”

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  • Stream lead single of Aisha Devi’s July 24 ‘Conscious Cunt’ EP on Houndstooth

    press pic 1

    Aïsha Devi joins Fabric’s Houndstooth label with her ‘Conscious Cunt’ EP out on July 24. The 3 track EP explores different perspectives on womanhood and the dichotomy between materialistic femininity under societal pressure and spirituality. In her own words:

    It’s an EP about sluts, awareness, death, and women in a patriarchal society… enlightenment, violence, resistance, mothers, daughters, consciousness, Guy Debord, Vedas and eternity. It’s also a high-five to my grandmother who raised me and passed away early this year.

    Lead track ‘Kim & The Wheel of Life’ is a whirling melodic vortex of echoing synths underlaid by deep rumbling kicks and melancholic undertones before morphing into a vocal-centric piece. Aisha says: It’s a cynical comment – societal emptiness vs dharma & eternity… or the complete fail of modern feminine icons, empowered but still complying to patriarchal and capitalist codes.

    Devi’s debut album described as a ‘materialisation of her initiatic journey through her spiritual and origin quests’ is due later this year and is sure to make waves. Preview and pre-order the EP via Houndstooth.

    You can stream ‘Kim & The Wheel Of Life’ via The Fader below.

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  • LB welcomes Aïsha Devi – “Hakken Dub / Throat Dub” out now on Danse Noire


    Aïsha Devi has just dropped her “Hakken Dub/Throat Dub” 12″ with remixes from IVVVO and Hieroglyphic Being covered by The Fader, FACT, and XLR8R, on her own Geneva-based Danse Noire label. Danse Noire has been bubbling up with exciting leftfield releases since Spring 2013 including her ‘Aura 4 Everyone’ EP and lauded EPs from Vaghe Stelle and El Mahdy Jr. Devi is a veteran in the electronic music scene, releasing and performing previously as Kate Wax (Border Community) and has now dropped the glitz to explore her Tibetan roots and spiritual side, meditating with her machines. Keep your eyes peeled for the next announcements about new artists on Danse Noire as well as showcases from the label. Now booking brandon [@]

  • Aïsha Devi