Chloé has helped define the transformative power of a club and the emotional power of a DJ set. Away from the over-commercialisation of electronic music, she has championed a versatile and out-of-the-box electronic music practice that inspires fans and artists alike. In recent years, she has played major festivals (Mutek, Burning Man,Sonar, DGTL, Nuits Sonores) as well as holding a residency at Rex Club. Her sets are a unique experience, as Chloé often performs in all night long formats that allow her to take the audience on unexpected journeys. She manages to create unique connections between various musical aesthetics, physical and mental sensations. An oblique way of approaching the dj set without leaving the audience on the sidelines,which has made her reputation with dancersancers all over the world

At the helm of her own label, LumièreNoire Records, capable of performing in clubs as well as festivals, in museums or halls dedicated to contemporary music,Chloé is a key artist on the current scene, where each track she plays contributes to lifting us a little further away from reality and prefabricated schemes.