When it comes to artists pushing the boundary with bass-influenced techno and UK bass, you’ll be hard-pressed to find better mixes than those by Laksa. Regular releases on the likes of Timedance, Ilian Tape, Mistry, Hessle Audio over the last eight years have cemented him as a cross-genre tempo hopper.

Running the label, club night and NTS show ‘re:lax’ with re:ni, for the last five years they’ve been combining forces as re:lax, which has helped push both their own respective crafts to new heights.

Laksa has been consistently pushing bass mutations since his early EPs on Batu’s Timedance, cementing his place amongst the latest UK talent. He has added to this list with his debut EP for re:lax Body Score EP.

Take the calibre of labels he’s affiliated with—Timedance, Ilian Tape and most recently, Hessle Audio. All are primary sources for the best of forward-facing club music. With shows at institutions like Berghain, Nowadays and Printworks, along with gigs across Europe and Asia, he effortlessly blurs styles and genres with a UK rudeness. With more music and releases lined up for re:lax in 2024, Laksa will continue to explore his interests and sound, and push things FWD.