As a DJ, Tzusing’s sets mix streamlined techno, industrial electronics, non-western dance music, and contemporary club music. He adds to this a sincere belief in the redemptive power of pop music, ready to drop sophisticated, classic Asian pop into the middle of club sets. In his own productions Tzusing recombines these influences into aggressive, cathartic music, inflected with off-kilter half step rhythms, strange harmonic textures, and thick, unnaturally resonant drums. If glittering tuned percussion, reed instrument-like synthesizers, and the music’s imagery might evoke a sense of “Chinese-ness,” it is not to point to the site of “authentic culture,” but to ask what these signifiers mean and who they belong to, as diasporas mutate beyond national borders. Seeking fun and subversion in equal parts.

In 2011 Tzusing founded Shanghai’s Stockholm Syndrome night, hosted at the now-legendary Shelter, and was introduced to the wider world through a trilogy of EPs on L.I.E.S. Records beginning in 2014. He has since made appearances on Cititrax, Bedouin records and PAN. His latest album 绿帽 Green Hat was released by PAN on March 31, 2023 and is a critical exploration of masculinity and patriarchal heteronormativity in Chinese culture historically. It’s been lauded as one of the best dance music records of the year so far and his sets across Europe at events including Rewire, PAN15 x Bourse de Commerce, Nuits Sonores, Primavera, and CTM have reaffirmed his status as a masterful DJ like no other.