Aïsha Devi delivers FACT mix

Heady atmospheres and off-the-wall edits from a unique artist.

Aïsha Devi,  in 2013 launched her own label Danse Noire, with the Aura 4 Everyone EP. Followed by the Hakken Dub/Throat Dub 12″ in summer 2014, Aïsha has always dedicated herself and her music in a continuous discovery of abstract techno/club structures, combining her Tibetan and Nepalese heritage with an ingenuous use of her machines to transmute deep meditation. 

For her FACT mix, Devi has delivered us a total riot, an atmospheric and unpredictable set packed with off-the-wall edits and unreleased goodies from artists like Fis, J.G. Biberkopf and Danse Noire’s IVVVO.