Heith’s music crosses many different sonic landscapes, but it sets ground on a no man’s land of electronic music, where organic and digital clash thoroughly and constantly. Often reminiscing confusion and puzzlement, his music sets the ground for a mediated conflict between different practices, something that was extremely clear in his latest opus “X, wheel”, released by PAN in October 2022, where synths, percussion and electronic often occupy and dispute the same space as organic elements, such as guitar. This renders his music extremely textural, thus visual and rhythmic, surpassing the over-explored European tradition of melody-harmony above all, in a contemporary ritualistic form yet to be mapped.

After the establishment of his label Haunter Records in 2013, he became part of the curatorial team of Milan’s legendary space Macao. He released a bunch of EPs (Laguna 2018, Mud 2019, Lo Zoo di Venere 2020) and collaborated with several artists including Puce Mary, Visio, Kareem Lotfy and Jesse Osborne-Lanthier.

His latest show features a collaboration with the design studio Declino, and it’s been premiered at Unsound to much acclaim. As described by DAZED, “X, wheel”, “transports listeners into a digital otherworld where strange and unfamiliar sounds are rendered in odd frequencies that feel familiar yet alien, situated in both the faraway future and a distant past.” For the Wire Magazine “X, wheel” is an unusual, spellbinding record on which Heith forges a distinctive musical persona out of disparate sound worlds.”