Aïsha Devi – Resident Advisor feature


For me the best piece of music is something that could last forever,” [Aisha Devi] says. “That’s why I work with electronic music and software like Ableton. You can play a loop and you can play that loop forever. You can die and it’s still playing, and I love that idea. That’s why the repetition in electronic music is so close to mantras. Repetition is perfection.

In the her most in-depth interview yet, Aisha Devi speaks with Resident Advisor’s Holly Dicker about the evolution of her musical persona and misfit label/collective Danse Noire in Switzerland, her difficult backstory and how she came to meditation, integrating spirituality holistically into her practice. Of Devi, Dicker writes:

To really understand Devi you have to listen to her album, Of Matter And Spirit, which came out on Houndstooth in 2015, and captures the emotional and spiritual journey that began in 2010. It’s a binaural document of everything she’s discovered in that time, condensed into a ten-track excursion of electronic hypnosis, written in a state of meditation and for meditative purposes. It’s healing music, to be consumed in a club, ideally with others—because collective consciousness is the key to happiness, she says. […] she is a radical doing radical things with sound, spirituality and the psychoactive properties of music … Devi’s live shows are visceral experiences that, for a while, can skewer one’s perceptions completely […] nothing beats Devi’s voice live. It fractures time.

Go in deep with Aisha Devi by reading the incredible full feature and come away transformed!

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