Crystallmess (birth name Christelle Oyiri), is a French born Ivoirian/Guadeloupean producer, DJ, writer and artist based in Paris.
Her unique production style combines melodic techno, afro-trance and abrasive dancehall.
The NTS resident and SHAPE Alumnus has released her stunning debut EP “Mere Noises” in 2018, a split EP on PAN Records followed in 2019.
Crystallmess’ approach to production, DJing and performance combines radical energy and fantasmatic afrofuturism. Her polyrhythmic and eclectic DJ style brings an uncompromising, globalized and diasporic approach to techno and club music in general.
As well as performing in some of Europe’s leading clubs and festivals, she has created sound designs for fashion houses such as Kenzo or Paco Rabanne.

*Working in collaboration with AMS Management