Richard Devine

Richard Devine is an Atlanta-based electronic musician and sound designer, currently employed by Google. He is recognized for producing a layered and heavily processed sound, combining influences from glitch music to old and modern electronic music. Devine largely records for the Miami-based Schematic Records, which was founded by Josh Kay of Phoenecia. He has also done extensive recording and sample work with Josh Kay under the name DEVSND. As a result of praise of his music from Autechre as well as a remix of Aphex Twin’s Come To Daddy, Devine recorded an album for Warp Records which was jointly released by Schematic and Warp.

Devine also uses Native Instruments (NI) software and has used Propellerhead ReBirth RB-338 and Reason.[1] His favorite NI applications are Reaktor and Absynth. Devine has designed sound patches for Propellerhead’s Reason,[2] NI’s Absynth, Reaktor, Battery and Massive, along with providing sound patches to Moog Music’s award-winning Animoog app. He has also scored commercials for Nike, Touchstone Pictures and engineered and performed his own music worldwide.

Devine’s next album ‘Sort/Lave’ will be out November 2nd on Venetian Snares’ Timesig.