Afrodeutsche (Henrietta Smith-Rolla), is a British born Ghanaian/Russian/German artist,
composer, producer, and DJ based in Manchester.

Her polyrhythmic compositions integrate a wide array of musical genres, including Afrofuturistic electro and techno, classical solo piano and Detroit legacy house; all memorable journeys into deep, abstracted sound.
Afrodeutsche’s DJ style is a synthesis of Drexciyan and Underground Resistance-inspired selections, intercut with a variety of forward thinking UK techno such as Bola and Lego Feet.

Renowned DJ and musician AFRODEUTSCHE begins a brand new show on 6 Music – The People’s Party with AFRODEUTSCHE (Fridays, 7pm-9pm).

The show promises to be an energetic celebration for the end of the working week – a place where people come together and let loose, through their shared love of music. Each week, Henrietta Smith-Rolla, aka AFRODEUTSCHE, will guide listeners though every stage of a classic Friday night. She’ll ask one lucky listener to pick their dream warm-up act, a headliner and an after-hours track and then curate that week’s show around those selections.