Alex Wilcox

Alex Wilcox is a Texan-born music producer and live performer based in Berlin known for his eclectic club music.

His journey began with a fascination for 90’s rock music, later evolving into an interest in techno during a visit to Berlin. Unsatisfied with the music scene in Austin, he moved to LA to hone his production skills, working in pop/rap music production. His heart remained in Berlin’s club culture – he moved to Detroit, started DJing and immersed himself deeper into the techno world. His self-released album caught the attention of Anetha, leading to collaborations and releases on labels like Mama Told Ya, Ellen Allien’s UFO Recordings, and Nina Kraviz’s Trip.

Transitioning from DJ sets to more ‘in your face’ hybrid sets with live vocals and performing only original music, Wilcox brings a punk energy often missing from the current club scene. With support from renowned DJs worldwide, he continues to evolve his sound, with new lots of new releases slated for 2024 and beyond.