Few musicians in the techno scene sound like no other, Wallis is one of them.

Producer, live-act, DJ and former mastering engineer, Wallis is a deeply creative soul searching for novelty and emotion in the electronic music realm. Sharp engineering skills coupled with a unique approach to sound design allowed her to develop a trademark sound, consistently pushing the boundaries of the techno genre and of her artistic identity. Using an array of synthesisers, effects units, and experimental studio techniques, Wallis produces catchy yet sometimes melancholic electronic music, ever shifting between different patterns and atmospheres.

She has played large festivals such as Parklife, DGTL or Awakenings, and renowned clubs like Berghain, and will happily play at a large stage one day but at a small intimate sweaty basement the next.
In 2024, she joined London Fashion Week and produced the music for the entire Natasha Zinko runway show at LFW February 2024.