LittleBig was founded in 2004 to offer a new style of agency service to the world’s finest artists. Primarily concert and tour booking but also special events, management and consultancy. LittleBig is a selective agency focused on nurturing long-term working relationships with artists, managers and promoters. Beginning in England but now with headquarters in Berlin, the LittleBig operation is truly international with a global network. We dedicate ourselves to developing the live careers of artists we believe in and are inspired by. We aim to be an exciting and cutting edge organisation that can help build amazing things and give people special experiences. We like very big things and very small things, and enjoy turning little to big.

The Team

Alexis Toumpouris
Brandon Rosenbluth
Debbie Clare
Ian Jessep
Marcus Noblett
Mia Perelmuter
Nathalie Blue
Ned Beckett
Philip Morris
Tom Butler

LittleBig Agency LTD
Registered office: Glatzer Str 6a, Berlin, 10247, Germany
International VAT ID: DE300020513
Director / Founder: Ned Beckett
Office Phone: +49(0)3029773847
Contact: info@lb-agency.net

DE Tax Number: 29/620/02187
Company Reg: 07306707 (England & Wales)

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