New York based quest?onmarq is an amorphous and adaptable artist. A living interrogation, quest?onmarq rejects any reductive definition of their style. questioning both status quo and the relationship between sounds from all corners of the global underground.

Even when exploring a global palette of genres within their sets what remains consistent in across markets and continents is their handle on crowd control. quest?on infuses their sets with infectious, unbridled dance energy and raw precision.

This artist is one of Mixmag’s top 25 to watch in 2022, celebrated as “one of NY’s most fearless” by FACT and cited as a “one of a kind New York DJ” by Resident Advisor.

When guiding the vibration of a dancefloor, the ‘spiral effect’ takes place — a collective state of inhibitory submission sculpted by frequency manipulation often in the form of triple channel blends that incorporate turntabilism, sharp technical prowess as well as their own productions, remixes and saavy selecting skills.

They can be heard monthly as a bi-monthly fixture on Paris’ arm of Rinse.FM – first and third wednesdays at midnight CET.