• Chambray preps debut LP for Ultramajic

    In the two years since his debut EP on Ultramajic, Berlin-based Chambray has dedicated himself to a sole musical purpose. Pick up any of his recent works, from his original productions to remixes for heavyweights like Amtrac and DJ Deeon, and you’ll hear cutting edge energetic aesthetics, all the ingredients for hatching an adrenalin rush and the creation of perfect dancefloor alchemy.

    Chambray’s debut album ‘Reliev’ is the embodiment of his positive energy that unites listeners from across scenes. His music strikes a careful balance and creates harmonic relationships between classic house heads, Chicago ghetto house shufflers and UK bass lovers.

    Seamlessly woven together on ‘Reliev’ are jacking house beats, stabbing piano chords, crisp techno kicks and vocals from Chambray and his friends. Every track is laced with a common thread – a mechanically assisted funk that flows in synchronicity and grabs you by the guts. ‘Yousme’ is an aerodynamic drum tool for eager feet, inaugurating a lethal set of tracks designed to free both body and mind. ‘Cerulean’, as the name suggests, colours up the cognitive pathway with more synth washes and piano stabs. Gearing up into full ghetto mode, the album peaks with ‘Qt Wit Da Bty’, a cheeky take on booty house. Chambray beckons you back to the floor with the chanting vocals of ‘Want it Back’. ‘Acres’ sets the landscape for the album with rising synths, chord stabs and a pumping twisted tech funk groove. Finally, ‘Treat Yo Self’ provides a refreshing mint with its aqueous synth notes flowing through the broken drum structure.

  • Hear Chambray’s debut on Boiler Room

    The Ultramajic star steps up for the PLAYDifferently edition of Boiler Room.

  • Chambray teams up with DJ Haus

    Chambray makes an appearance on DJ Haus’ debut album with a collaboration on the track Houz Muzik.

  • Listen to Chambray’s Rinse.FM mix

  • Chambray drops new EP on Ultramajic

    Chambray’s sophomore record is set to launch in mid-February via Jimmy Edgar’s Ultramajic outpost. Work That, the Berlin-based producer’s follow-up to the Rub EP, stays true to the label’s signature style of staccato functionality. Rigid beats, lightning claps, and catchy vocal blips abound throughout the four-track on the digital-only release, as do flashes of ghetto house’s dogged vocals and dusty hi-hats. Chambray strikes a balance between rigorous, inflexible workouts and jewel-bright melodic elements with dreamy synth breakdowns on the title track and a clipped piano part on “Anew.“

  • Listen to the Chambray “Rub” remixes

    Chambray’s Rub EP made the club go boom; the remixes of Chambray’s Rub EP will make the club go bang. On November 17, Ultramajic will liberate four souped-up reworks of the Berlin producer’s debut EP, which were helmed by Len Faki, Bodyjack, The Hacker, and DJ Haus. Each contributor adds a distinct flavor to the Berliner’s original productions. First up is French rave titan The Hacker, who twists “Ghetto Giants” into a slinky beat decked with pings, bleeps and a touch of sonic haze. Berghain mainstay Len Faki equips “Untitled” with a frog-marching techno kick, twittering percussion, and a breakdown so brooding you can practically taste the fog machine. In Bodyjack’s hands, the same track becomes a buoyant house tool with acid croaks and vocal yelps, while Unknown to the Unknown label boss DJ Haus brings dry Chicago percussion to the fore on his remix of “Rub,” which pits hypnotic stabs against a melody composed of acidic bass blobs.

  • Chambray drops new mix for Ultramajic, announces new dates

    Forthcoming shows

    24th July – Panorama Bar, Berlin w/ Jimmy Edgar & Aden
    15th August – Kong, Munich
    24th October – The Loft, Barcelona w/ Jimmy Edgar
    21st November – Bloody Louis, Brussels w/ Âme
    6th December – Weltecho, Chemnitz

  • Chambray joins LittleBig, drops EP on Ultramajic

    LittleBig are pleased to announce the addition of new Ultramajic artist Chambray to our roster.

    In only a short period of time, Ultramajic has proved itself to be a reliable source of modern house and techno with a unique overarching aesthetic that makes it stand out like a neon beacon in the endless sea of dance labels operating today.

    This release – the label’s ninth – marks an important step in its history: the premiere of a totally new, formerly unknown artist who goes by the name of Chambray. It only takes a few seconds of listening to any of the four tracks presented here to see why he’s been initiated into the Ultramajic stable – he turns out some uproarious, vintage-touched house with considerable bass heft that would do Chicago-style veterans like Steve Poindexter proud while showing off more modern house styles that have become touchstones of Ultramajic-affiliated DJs and producers like Aden and Jimmy Edgar himself. To simplify: put these on in a club, watch it go boom.

    Ultramajic continues to blaze its own distinct path through the world of electronic music in 2014, and here Chambray has proved himself to be a valuable recruit – capable of churning out total burners that have a classic vibe to them with a modern bite and ruggedness.

    Chambray is now taking DJ bookings, contact