Chambray preps debut LP for Ultramajic

In the two years since his debut EP on Ultramajic, Berlin-based Chambray has dedicated himself to a sole musical purpose. Pick up any of his recent works, from his original productions to remixes for heavyweights like Amtrac and DJ Deeon, and you’ll hear cutting edge energetic aesthetics, all the ingredients for hatching an adrenalin rush and the creation of perfect dancefloor alchemy.

Chambray’s debut album ‘Reliev’ is the embodiment of his positive energy that unites listeners from across scenes. His music strikes a careful balance and creates harmonic relationships between classic house heads, Chicago ghetto house shufflers and UK bass lovers.

Seamlessly woven together on ‘Reliev’ are jacking house beats, stabbing piano chords, crisp techno kicks and vocals from Chambray and his friends. Every track is laced with a common thread – a mechanically assisted funk that flows in synchronicity and grabs you by the guts. ‘Yousme’ is an aerodynamic drum tool for eager feet, inaugurating a lethal set of tracks designed to free both body and mind. ‘Cerulean’, as the name suggests, colours up the cognitive pathway with more synth washes and piano stabs. Gearing up into full ghetto mode, the album peaks with ‘Qt Wit Da Bty’, a cheeky take on booty house. Chambray beckons you back to the floor with the chanting vocals of ‘Want it Back’. ‘Acres’ sets the landscape for the album with rising synths, chord stabs and a pumping twisted tech funk groove. Finally, ‘Treat Yo Self’ provides a refreshing mint with its aqueous synth notes flowing through the broken drum structure.