Chambray joins LittleBig, drops EP on Ultramajic

LittleBig are pleased to announce the addition of new Ultramajic artist Chambray to our roster.

In only a short period of time, Ultramajic has proved itself to be a reliable source of modern house and techno with a unique overarching aesthetic that makes it stand out like a neon beacon in the endless sea of dance labels operating today.

This release – the label’s ninth – marks an important step in its history: the premiere of a totally new, formerly unknown artist who goes by the name of Chambray. It only takes a few seconds of listening to any of the four tracks presented here to see why he’s been initiated into the Ultramajic stable – he turns out some uproarious, vintage-touched house with considerable bass heft that would do Chicago-style veterans like Steve Poindexter proud while showing off more modern house styles that have become touchstones of Ultramajic-affiliated DJs and producers like Aden and Jimmy Edgar himself. To simplify: put these on in a club, watch it go boom.

Ultramajic continues to blaze its own distinct path through the world of electronic music in 2014, and here Chambray has proved himself to be a valuable recruit – capable of churning out total burners that have a classic vibe to them with a modern bite and ruggedness.

Chambray is now taking DJ bookings, contact