• Machinedrum ‘Human Energy’ LP Roundup


    Released on Ninjatune on the 30th of September, Machinedrum’s ‘Human Energy’ LP has received widespread praise, with premieres on Billboard and Radio 1 and playlisting for all singles from Spotify UK, Spotify Germany, Spotify NL, Mad Decent, Pigeons and Planes, Martin Garrix and more. ‘Do It 4 U Feat D∆WN’ soared to #2 in the ‘most blogged chart’ two weeks in a row, reached #5 in the ‘popular’ chart on Hype Machine and #16 in Music Week’s Cool Cuts Chart.

    “Stewart sounds renewed in channeling his posi-vibe mindstate into making the rest of his instruments soar” – Pitchfork

    ‘One of electronic music’s biggest and brightest stars’ – DJ Mag

    Travis has also featured on Radio 1’s Diplo and friends mix (available here) and Jamz Supernova interviewed Travis when he joined her on BBC 1Xtra, playing both ‘Celestial Levels’ and ‘Tell U’ (27/09) (Listen again here)

    “…this new single, indebted to its aura of effervescent, joy-filled emotion, continues to demonstrate how Stewart is one of the rare talents who can repurpose a simple stem and turn it into something greater and, somehow, more human” – PAPER Magazine

    ‘Human Energy’ has also received great reviews from a number of publications available here:

    Machinedrum will be touring his “Human Energy LIVE” AV show throughout 2017.

  • Machinedrum announces new album “Human Energy” & single feat. D∆WN

    DSC06458 (1) Machinedrum is back and you’ve never heard him like this before. The relentless pioneer and conceptualist of US electronic music has moved to Cali, fallen in love, and discovered a new warmth and beauty in his music. On his forthcoming album, “Human Energy”, Travis Stewart draws on esoteric and new age concepts but makes its fun rather than dull and serious. The music astounds over and over again with the sheer brilliance of its execution and, yes, its unremitting energy. Who can say if “Human Energy” can heal you? It will certainly leave you with a huge, goofy smile slathered all over your face.
    As a taster for this career-defining work, we bring you ‘Do It 4 U,’ featuring vocals from Dawn Richard aka D∆WN. Having started out in the group Danity Kane working with P Diddy, D∆WN has now finally started to garner the success and acclaim she richly deserves via a more independent route on the Local Action label. In fact, her latest single, ‘Not Above That,’ was her most successful solo work yet, produced by none other than… Machinedrum. ‘Do It 4 U’ combines her vocals with morphing, melting synths and the kind of transcendent d&b roll-out that will make this a favourite in clubs as well as on the radio.
    A pioneer and a populariser, a restless and relentless seeker, Travis Stewart brings together coasts and continents in projects which are both conceptual and heartfelt, clever and banging. Having discovered that rare thing—spirituality and purity in electronic music—he is about to have a very big year. “It’s an exchange of energy through sound,” he tells us. “It’s a healing experience. We’re living in dark times and with so much negativity existing in the world I want to be a rare voice of positivity.” With “Human Energy”, he has made a career-defining album, one which will take him from best-kept-secret of the electronic music cognoscenti to breakout star.

    See exclusive on Billboard here.

  • Machinedrum premieres new track Dos Puertas featuring Kevin Hussein

    Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 16.22.40

    New Machinedrum track Dos Puertas (ft. Kevin Hussein) premieres on Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 show.

    Machinedrum has already collaborated with D∆WN on the enormous singles ‘Not Above That’ and ‘Wake Up’ and revisited Sepalcure, his collaborative project with Braille, for their first new album in five yearsStill, he doesn’t show any sign of slowing down and his new single ‘Dos Puertas” via Fact Magazine

  • Machinedrum releases Vapor City Archives

    Electronic music’s Renaissance man Travis Stewart, better known as Machinedrum, brings his Vapor City project to a close with this final chapter in the sprawling epic – Vapor City Archives. Paying close heed to the spirit of the Vapor City community he forged and nurtured, Stewart chose to announce this new record via the global community created when he invited listeners into his personal dream world dubbed “Vapor City”.

    Constructed around his vision of an imaginary city with fully-realized districts, the year-long Vapor City project was founded upon Machinedrum’s critically acclaimed album of the same name and supplemented with a worldwide live tour, a string of satellite EPs, remixes and free download drops to subscribers to the Vapor City Citizenship programme. This final installment sees the talismanic producer deliver 10 brand new, exclusive productions alongside fresh artwork from the project’s art directors: LuckyMe’s Dom Flannigan and Éclair Fifi.

    Once again experimenting in soundscapes between footwork (“Safed”“Only 1 Way 2 Know”), hip-hop and jungle/drum&bass (“More Than Friends”,“Boxoff”) to forge a unique sound that he has come to own, Stewart creates a subtle homage that nods to the past while staying firmly future-facing.

  • Mouse on Mars ’21 Again’ boxset feat. Modeselektor, Machinedrum ++


    It’s not every day you turn 21 and not every band makes it that far and remains consistently innovative and current. Mouse on Mars have hit a milestone and not content to celebrate alone they’ve invited 30 of their friends to collaborate on tracks for this very special boxset and weekend-long takeover of Hebbel am Ufer in Berlin beginning on Oct.31. Check the tracklist below and keep your eyes and ears peeled for more fun drops from Monkeytown in the meantime! Full details here.


    Eli & Mark E. Smith: 21 Again
    Mouse On Mars & Cavern of Anti-Matter: Fertilized
    Mouse On Mars & Tortoise: Shoe Fly
    A Hawk And A Hacksaw & Balàzs Unger: Celebration Song
    Mouse On Mars & Errorsmith: Errormom
    Mouse On Mars & Eric D Clark: Lost And Found
    Mouse on Mars & Modeselektor feat. Mr. Maloke: Purple Fog
    Mouse on Mars & Siriusmo: Immer Kurz Davor
    Mouse on Mars & Scratch Pet Land: Splymogym
    Mouse on Mars & Dodo NKishi: Queen Für Erschein
    Mouse On Mars & Atom TM: Key My Brain
    AGF / Delay Team: 21 Momstars
    Mouse on Mars & Helado Negro: Carca Jadas
    Mouse On Mars & Laetitia Sadier: My Toe Is On Fire

    Ingrid & Oswald Wiener: Wir möchten auch drauf sein
    Mouse On Mars & Schlammpeitziger: Ein Leben Wie Heu
    Mouse on Mars & Junior Boys: Putty Tart
    Mouse on Mars & Candie Hank: Metaloona Swamp
    David Michael Digregorio & Sung Huang Kim: We’re Glad You Are Born Today, Unless You Weren’t Born Today
    Mouse on Mars & Machinedrum – Juice Clr 9
    Mouse On Mars & Mesak & Claws Costeau: Somiak
    Mouse on Mars & F.X. Randomiz: Fromm
    Prefuse 73: 90’s
    Mouse on Mars & Funkstörung: Bon Djerry
    Mouse on Mars & YOSHIMIO: NKANKA
    Mouse on Mars & Matthew Herbert aka DJ’s Collapse: Double Gum
    Mouse on Mars & Olivia Block: Pterion
    Mouse on Mars & Oval: Gitto Ski
    Mouse on Mars & Tyondai Braxton: Off Sea
    DJ Sotch Egg: Mouse On Egg (Happy Birthday!)


  • Glastonbury Festival Announces LittleBig Stage

    LittleBig is proud to collaborate with Glastonbury and Glade for this year’s Glastonbury Festival as part of the LB.10 event series!

    Glastonbury Official Statement

    “Glastonbury is pleased to welcome LittleBig‎ at this year’s festival, who have helped us put together a brilliant session at The Glade on Saturday night. We’ve always seen eye-to-eye with Ned and the team at LittleBig from when they started out, and we asked them to do a LittleBig tent at the Glade Festival 10 years ago. They’ve gone from strength to strength in terms of cutting edge electronica, and it’s going to be an unparalleled night of electronic music having them on board.”

    To stay connected with all LB.10 updates, visit



  • Dour Festival Announces LB.10 Stage

    Dour Festival have announced our LB.10 stage, part of the ongoing event series celebrating LittleBig’s 10th Anniversary

    The LB.10 Stage at Dour on July 19th will be on the Cannibal Stage and  features live performances from Fuck Buttons, the legendary LFO, and Clark, who will be presenting his new Phosphor live show. Paula Temple will also be DJing on the LittleBig stage, while LittleBig acts Machinedrum and 65daysofstatic play elsewhere at the festival that same day.

    to stay connected with all LB.10 updates, visit.



  • LittleBig Announces 10th Anniversary Compilation + Worldwide Event Series

    LittleBig is proud to announce that we will be celebrating our 10th anniversary in 2014 with a 2xCD compilation and 10 LittleBig events worldwide.

    LB.10 dates

    LB.10 is a series of 10 events partnering with select promoters to bring disparate artists from LittleBig’s roster to festival stages and select venues worldwide, including Tauron Nowa Muzyka in Poland, Taico Festival in Japan, Donau Festival in Austria, Dour Festival in Belgium, and more TBA. LittleBig director Ned Beckett will also curate a limited 2xCD compilation of choice tracks from artists on the roster, distributed for free to our network of friendly associates, with the second CD mixed by Warp Records hero Clark. This 10th anniversary is a celebration not just of LittleBig and our ongoing work, but of a sprawling community of artists, promoters, and creatives who have been instrumental in booking and supporting alternative electronic music worldwide. It’s been a great ten years, and we’re looking forward to ten more.

    Founded in 2004 by Ned Beckett, LittleBig has established an enviable roster representing some of the most respected artists in electronic music, as well as rising young acts already creating superlative work in a crowded field. An independent and selective agency, LittleBig is committed to breaking acts and supporting alternative artists while developing a healthy industry for advanced live music. For the past 10 years we have dedicated ourselves to developing the live careers of artists we believe in and are inspired by.

    To stay connected with all upcoming LittleBig events, please visit

    Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 13.38.50











    LB.10 – CD 1 – Compilation
    1. Venetian Snares – Senki Dala
    2. Battles – Ice Cream (feat. Matias Aguayo)
    3. Oneohtrix Point Never – Problem Areas
    4. Tall Ships – Phosphorescence
    5. This Will Destroy You – Killed The Lord, Left For The New World
    6. Autechre – jatevee C
    7. Bibio – You
    8. Gonjasufi – Duet
    9. Múm – Toothwheels
    10. 65daysofstatic – Prisms
    11. Fuck Buttons – The Red Wing
    12. Machinedrum – Gunshotta
    13. Aphex Twin – Come To Daddy (Mummy Mix)
    14. DJ Rashad – Feelin’
    15. Cakes Da Killa – Goodie Goodies
    16. Nozinja – Madyisa Mbitsi
    17. Three Trapped Tigers – 7

    LB.10 – CD 2 – Mix
    1. The Field – No. No… (Kompakt)
    2. Jon Hopkins – Collider (Domino)
    3. Alex Smoke – Dust (R & S)
    4. Simian Ghost – Echoes of Songs (Luke Abbott Remix) (Playground Music)
    5. Tim Exile – 31022013 (Leisure System)
    6. Holly Herndon – Chorus (RVNG Intl.)
    7. Emika – 3 Hours (Ninja Tune)
    8. Dopplereffekt – Gene Silencing (Leisure System)
    9. Letherette – Restless (Ninja Tune)
    10. Hubie Davison – Mannequin Move (Leisure System)
    11. Dinos Chapman – Untitled #1 (Live In Moscow) (Vinyl Factory)
    12. Wesley Matsell – Future Beacon (Border Community)
    13. Clouds – Consciousness (Turbo)
    14. Physical Therapy – Huminbeen (Allergy Season)
    15. Jimmy Edgar – Mercurio (Ultramajic)
    16. Planningtorock – Human Drama (Paula Temple Remix) (Human Level)
    17. Akkord – Conveyor (Houndstooth)
    18. Dadub + – Kykeon (Stroboscopic Artefacts)
    19. Clark – Superscope (Warp)
    20. Stellar Om Source – Polarity (RVNG Intl.)
    21. Objekt – Agnes Demise (Objekt)
    22. Kommune1 – Kronos (Leisure System)
    23. LFO – Butterslut (Warp)
    24. Call Super – Black Octagons (Houndstooth)
    25. Laurel Halo – Chance Of Rain (Hyperdub)
    26. Visionist – Snakes (Leisure System)
    28. Truss – Redbrook (Prime Numbers)
    29. Mouse On Mars – Spezmodia (Monkeytown)
    30. Jam City – Worst Illusion (Night Slugs)
    31. Slava – Better (Software)
    32. Ikonika – You Won’t Find It There (Hyperdub)
    33. ADULT. – Idle (Second Thoughts) (Ghostly)

    Info on Resident Advisor

    Info on XLR8R

  • Littlebig acts score high in the critics 2013 lists

    3 rows final combine_images

    After another great year for our acts in 2013 we’re looking forward to continuing to grow and strengthen for 2014. The end of year lists contained a very strong showing from our acts, including No.1s from Jon Hopkins, Oneohtrix Point Never, and many many more. Below is an edited selection of the cream of the crop, get in touch now for festival bookings and tour dates!

    Email us at:

    65daysofstatic : ‘Wild Light’ [Superball Music]
    No. 3 in Sam Law’s (Kerrang) ‘Albums of 2013’
    No. 3 in Muzik Discovery’s ‘Top 50 Albums of 2013′
    No. 4 in Thrash Hits’ ‘Albums of 2013’
    No. 19 in Drowned In Sound’s ‘Albums of 2013’
    No. 19 in Prog Magazine’s ‘Albums of 2013’
    No. 19 in Music OMH’s ‘Albums of 2013’
    No. 23 in Rocksound Magazine’s ‘Albums of 2013’
    No. 35 in Gigwise’s ‘Albums of 2013’
    No. 78 in Louder Than War’s ‘Albums of 2013′
    Included in Gigwise’s ’32 most underrated albums of 2013′ & ’30 most beautiful covers of 2013’

    Autechre : ‘Exai’ [Warp Records]
    No. 2 in Bleep’s ‘Artists of The Year’
    No. 12 in Bleep’s ‘Best Albums’
    No. 46 in FACT’s ‘The 50 Best Albums’

    DJ Rashad [Hyperdub]
    No. 3 in Dummy’s ‘The 10 best EPs’ for ‘Rollin”
    No. 8 in Rolling Stone’s ‘20 Best Dance Albums’ for ‘Let it go’
    No. 14 in Dummy’s ‘The 20 Best Albums’ for ‘Double Cup’

    Dopplereffekt [Leisure System]
    No. 17 in Resident Advisor’s ‘Top 50 tracks’ for ’Gene Slicing’
    No. 30 in Boomkat’s ‘Top 100 Singles’ for Tetrahymena

    Fuck Buttons : ‘Slow Focus’ [ATP Recordings]
    No. 1 in The Skinny’s ‘The Albums of 2013’
    No. 3 in RollingStone’s ‘20 Best Dance Albums’
    No. 9 in Bleep’s ‘Best Albums’
    No. 34 in Rough Trade’s ‘Albums of 2013’
    No. 40 in NME’s ‘50 Best Albums’

    Jon Hopkins : ‘Immunity’ [Domino]
    No. 1 in XLR8R’s ‘Best Releases of 2013’
    No. 1 in Musicexpress ‘Record Of The Year’ (Germany)
    No. 1 in The Evening Standard’s ‘Best 10 Albums’
    No. 1 on Triple J ‘Electronic album of the year’ (Australia)
    No. 3 in Tsugi (France)
    No. 3 in NME’s ‘The Best Albums’ voted by readers.
    No. 4 in Rolling Stone’s ‘20 Best Dance Albums’
    No. 4 in Mixmag
    No. 6 in Rough Trade’s ‘Albums of 2013’
    No. 7 in Time Out
    No. 8 in Mondo Sonoro (Spain
    No. 11 in NME’s ‘50 Best Albums of 2013’
    No. 11 in The Sunday Times
    No. 13 in Groove (Germany)
    No. 14 in DJ Mag
    No. 16 in Intro (Germany)
    No. 17 in The Quietus’ ‘Albums Of 2013’
    No. 18 in Resident Advisor
    No. 24 in XLR8R’s ‘Best Tracks of 2013’
    No. 28 in NME’s ‘Best tracks of 2013’
    No. 29 in Mojo
    No. 32 in Clash
    No. 37 in The Guardian
    No. 37 on Pitchfork
    No. 16 in Resident Advisor’s ‘Top 20 Live Acts’

    Laurel Halo : ‘Chance of Rain’ [Hyperdub]
    No. 2 in Juno’s ‘Best of 2013: Top 25 Albums’
    No. 2 in The Wire’s ‘Top 50 Releases of 2013’
    No. 15 in Dummy’s ‘The 20 Best Albums of 2013’
    No. 21 in The Quietus’ ‘Albums Of 2013’
    No. 22 in Bleep’s ‘Best Albums of 2013’
    No. 36 in FACT’s ‘The 50 Best Albums’
    ‘Behind the Green Door EP’ [Hyperdub]

    No. 4 in Juno’s ‘Top 100 Tracks, EPs, and Singles’
    No. 8 in Dummy’s ‘The 10 best EPs’
    No. 15 in XLR8R’s ‘Best Releases’
    No. 46 in Resident Advisor’s ‘Top 50 tracks’ for ‘Throw’

    Leisure System
    No. 20 in Resident Advisor’s ‘Top 20 Labels of 2013’

    Machinedrum [Ninja Tune]
    No. 6 in Bleep’s ‘Artists of The Year’
    No. 16 in Bleep’s ‘Best Albums’ for ‘Vapor City’
    No. 20 in XLR8R’s ‘Best Tracks’ for ‘Eyesdontlie’

    Micachu & Tirzah : ‘I’m Not Dancing’ [Greco-Roman]
    No. 1 in Dummy’s ‘The 10 best EPs’

    Objekt : ‘Agnes Demise’ [Objekt]
    No. 27 in Resident Advisor’s ‘Top 50 Tracks’
    No. 41 in XLR8R’s ‘Best Tracks’

    Oneohtrix Point Never : ‘R Plus Seven’ [Warp Records]
    No. 1 in Bleep’s ‘Best Albums of 2013’
    No. 1 in Ele-King ‘Album of the Year’ (Japan)
    No. 3 in XLR8R’s ‘Best Releases of 2013’
    No. 3 in SPIN’s ‘20 Best Albums of 2013’
    No. 5 in Juno’s ‘Best of 2013:Top 25 Albums’
    No. 6 The Wire’s ‘Top 50 Releases’
    No. 18 in The Quietus’ ‘Albums Of The Year’
    No. 34 in FACT’s ‘The 50 Best Albums’
    No. 51 in ‘Boomkat’s Top 100 Albums’
    No. 89 in Rough Trade’s ‘Albums of 2013’
    No. 3 in Bleep’s ‘Artists of The Year’

    Stellar OM Source : ‘Joy One Mile’ [RVNG Intl]
    No. 1 in Juno’s ‘Top 25 Albums’

    The Field : ‘Cupid’s Head’ [Kompakt]
    No. 7 in Rolling Stone’s ‘20 Best Dance Albums’

    Visionist [Leisure System / Lit City Trax]
    No. 5 in Dazed & Confused ‘Best Tracks’ for ‘Pain’
    No. 6 in Dummy’s ‘The 10 best EPs’ for ‘I’m Fine’
    No. 8 in White Noise ‘Best EPs’ for ‘Shakes EP’
    No. 15 in DJ Broadcast’s ‘Best Tracks’ for ‘Shakebite’
    No. 19 in Boomkat’s ‘Top 100 Singles’ for ‘M/Secrets’

  • JETS Releasing “Midas Touch” with Jamie Lidell on Leisure System

    JETS + Jamie Lidell

    Marking only the second release from their JETS collaboration, Jimmy Edgar and Machinedrum will release a limited 12″ of the classic “Midas Touch” on Leisure System January 27th, 2014, featuring vocals from the inimitable Jamie Lidell.

    Listen to Machinedrum’s version of the JETS cover below:

  •  Machinedrum ‘Vapor City’ Boiler Room Trilogy

    Machinedrum // Vapor City Live Tour Promo 2013

    In support of his debut album for Ninja Tune, Machinedrum has recently finished the EU leg of his Vapor City world Tour, during which, he was invited to headline the Boiler Room in 3 different cities: New York, London and Berlin. Catch him translating his signature sound across a range of styles and tempos in the videos below.

    New York

  • JETS, filmed live at Taicoclub 13, Japan

    Alongside their solo endeavours, Machinedrum and Jimmy Edgar combine forces as JETS, performing at key festivals and events across the globe. Following extensive coverage and appearances for Boiler Room, FACT and Leisure System, check out their most recent recording at Japan’s illustrious Taicoclub 13 below.

  • Machinedrum signs to Ninja Tune, remixed by DJ Shadow.

    Following the huge stream of hype led by his releases on Planet Mu, Lucky Me and many more, Travis Stewart has found a new base at Ninja Tune. Receiving support from the likes of Rolling Stone, FACT, Billboard and all other necessary music editorials, a big year is ahead of the NYC > Berlin native . Check out the DJ Shadow remix of his first release for Ninja Tune; ‘Eyesdontlie’ (premiered on Zane Lowe’s BBC Radio 1 primetime show) below ahead of the Vapor City album due this Autumn.

  • Leisure System returns to London with JETS and more

    After two successful events, Leisure System finally returns to London for a mind-blowing megablaster at XOYO. New talents and familiar faces will rock both dancefloors, and wait… did we mention the  JETS debut UK live show?

    On Friday the 8th of February, Leisure System and XOYO will present JETS. After 12 years of friendship and career parallels, Machinedrum and Jimmy Edgar’s pairing was inevitable. As they now both take up full-time residencies in Berlin their collaboration has reached a forceful head. Taking recognisable elements of electronic dance music and transforming them into something altogether new, the result is more than the sum of its parts reflecting the duo’s eccentric and distinctive personalities.

    Alongside the majestic duo, Letherette, Akkord, Dawn Day Night, Visionist, Kommune1, Hubie Davidson,  and Discipline of the Leisure System family will make the night an unforgettable one.



    Leisure System: Jets [Machinedrum x Jimmy Edgar] at XOYO

    Be sure to grab your tickets before they are gone!

  • JETS – FACT Mix #358

    Following the release of their debut EP on ‘Leisure System’, Jimmy Edgar and Travis Stewart deliver an exclusive mix for Fact Magazine, absolutely rammed with exclusives, forthcomings and remixes. A potent taster of what’s to come next year.

    JETS are now taking select bookings for 2013, with two shows confirmed for the Leisure System collective this year in Barcelona & Berlin, with a London show to be announced very soon.


  • JETS (Jimmy Edgar + Machinedrum) EP on Leisure System. Listen

    Leisure System; the collective, label and 4-year long famed Berghain party is back with a very special fourth addition to its catalogue: the inaugural release from JETS – a project which pairs two of dance music’s most eccentric and distinctive personalities, Jimmy Edgar and Travis Stewart (aka Machine Drum).

    Having been friends for over 12 years, it was inevitable that a project like this would finally come into being. After living in New York, touring Japan together and now taking full time residency in Berlin, the first JETS EP marks the culmination of roughly four years of staggered yet perpetual collaboration between the duo. Taking recognisable elements of electronic dance music and subtly transforming them into something altogether new, the result is more than the sum of its parts.

    The alignment of both celebrated producers’ music as one creates something altogether new and yet, at the same time, ultimately familiar. Weaving its way intricately into the multi-textured fabric of sounds is the undeniable presence of Edgar’s electro-funk soul whilst Machinedrum’s idiosyncratic syncopated rhythms and stuttered drum clacks jack and roughen the edges.

    In a recent interview with FACT magazine, the pair admitted that on this EP, “there’s a sense of where we’ve been, what we’ve come to, and everything in between.” Be part of the journey.

  • Leisure System : Dimensions Festival 07.09.12

    We’re incredibly excited to announce our full line-up for theLeisure System stage at Dimensions FestivalJimmy Edgar,MachinedrumGold PandaObjektJon HopkinsNathan Fake (official page)Addison Groove and our residents DJ N<E<D & Puzzle will take over Pula/Croatia on September 7th. Subscribe to our newsletter to win 1×2 Tickets (worth 290€) for the whole festival:


  • Machinedrum – Jimmy Edgar & Azealia Banks collaborations

    On top of working on his follow up album to highly praised 2011 album ‘Room(s)’, Travis has been busy with a highly anticipated collaborative project with Jimmy Edgar under the guise ‘JETS’. In the run up, his 2011 release on LuckyMe was utilised by Aeaizia Banks’ latest track ‘Van Vogue’, check it out below:

  • Sepalcure – Pencil Pimp Video

    Since their 2010 debut EP, ‘Love Pressure’ on Hotflush recordings, Sepalcure have gone on to release several more 12″ records on the respected UK bass label, with 2011’s ‘Fleur’ EP and self titled album retaining a consistently high standard for the pair from the likes of Resident Advisor, Fact, Pitchfork and XLR8R.
    Check out the video for the single ‘Pencil Pimp’ below:

    Sepalcure – Pencil Pimp (Official Music Video) from Hotflush Recordings on Vimeo.