• Mariel Ito – 2000-2005


    Esteemed electronic producer Eric Estornel recently reignited his much loved electro-centure ‘Mariel Ito’ alias to huge acclaim in the form of a 12″ single which was shortly followed by a retrospective album on the esteemed R&S Records, which has quickly gained support from the likes of Resident Advisor, Mixmag (Electro Album of the Month), DJ Mag (cover feature + Album of the Month), Dancing Astronaut and most notably, an exclusive appearance on the BBC Radio One Essential mix which can be heard below.

    “Electro might be in the midst of a revival, but Eric Estornel is no fair-weather fan. The man otherwise known as Maceo Plex was making electro as Mariel Ito as far back as 2004, putting out records on labels like Modern Love and Connaisseur Recordings. His label Lone Romantic is even named after one of those earlier tracks” – Resident Advisor

  • Littlebig welcomes Gábor Lázár – Now touring his fresh ‘Unfold’ show


    It’s with great pleasure to welcome Gábor Lázár to the agency. With an impeccable live show presenting his new album ‘Unfold’ and having received rave reviews from his recent performances at Atonal, Unsound, Norberg & Terraforma. The videos and press speak for themselves.


    Boomkat, Quietus, Cultural Bulletin, Vinylmeplease, Norman Records, Forced Exposure

    LIVE: Berlin Atonal Review – Crack Magazine

    “Some standout live performances this year include Gabor Lazar, Hiro Kone and Group A. First Lazar: Unfold is surely one 2018’s best records, and live, the Hungarian producer is in complete control of his uniquely urgent strain of club music, propelled by elastic beats and crystalline synths which land like glass mallets.”

    LIVE: Berlin Atonal Review – Fact Magazine

    “Gábor Lázár’s set on the Wednesday brought a rave spirit to the usually gloomy Stage Null, illuminating the space with flashing LED lamps and digital frequencies that pushed against the space’s challenging acoustics. It was a talking point for lots of people I spoke to afterwards.“

    LIVE: Unsound Review – Crack Magazine

    Two more Hotel Forum highlights are Gabor Lazar and Async Figure. Lazar’s 2018 LP Unfold has cemented his status as one of the most forward-thinking club music producers out. For his live show, he rifles through styles at a thrilling pace whilst staying true to his icy, elasticated signature sound, from gritty electro to what sounds suspiciously like grime instrumentals.

  • Max Cooper presents ‘One Hundred Billion Sparks’

    MAX C


    Max Cooper has announced the release of his next album ‘One Hundred Billion Sparks’. After spending a month in complete isolation at a remote cottage in Wales, Max Cooper presents ‘One Hundred Billion Sparks’, his third studio album, in which he interrogates notions of identity whilst profiling the complex mechanisms that make us all wonderfully unique.

    Every piece of music on the album is a score to the visual story underpinning the project. Each chapter conceived in both musical and visual form from the outset, and carried forward as collaborations with visual artists. These chapters are explained in detail on an accompanying website which will be released alongside the album. On his process, Max explains:

    “Nature is like art – full of structure, complexity, paradox and many other things which invoke awe, beauty, peace, confusion, frustration and feeling. That is why I involve scientific ideas in my projects; they are a rich source of aesthetic and feeling.”

    As one of the leading artists exploring the intersection of music, science, art and technology, Max Cooper has sustained a reputation for providing insightful projects via sound, visuals and immersive installations. ‘One Hundred Billion Sparks’ advances that reputation, with an artistic exploration of ideas communicating the marvel of our existence.


    • “Absolutely incredible, utterly enthralling…goosebumps.” – Mary Anne Hobbs, BBC 6 Music
    • “The always awesome Max Cooper.” – Tom Ravenscroft, BBC 6 Music
    • “Digging everything Max does.” – Charlotte de Witte, producer/DJ
    • “This is some really top-end intricate and poised electronica, he’s so talented this guy” – Chris Hawkins, BBC 6Music


    • Features on Resident Advisor (Japan too), Tsugi (FR), Nerdcore (DE), House Of Frankie (IT), The Playground (ZA), Electronic Groove (UK), Orb Mag(UK), Decoded Mag (UK), A Closer Listen (USA), We Are Machine (USA), XLR8R (USA), Data Transmission (UK) among others.
    • Groove magazine is doing a 3 page studio feature on Max in their September or October issue too.
    • Plays European radio stations, support in the UK from BBC 6Music and BBC Radio 1 and more
    • Video for ‘Hope’ with over 45k views (across Youtube & Vimeo)
  • Synkro’s releases ‘Hand In Hand’ EP

    Following the release of Synkro AKA Joe McBride’s collection of his formative early works in 2017, Apollo Recordings is proud to present a brand new EP that draws on the rich heritage of library music.

    Synkro’s signature expansive atmospherics are still very much present, but now they have been burnished by soaring synth pads and pulsing drum tracks that call to mind the haunted melancholy of John Carpenter or contemporary such as Legowelt or Andy Stott. Rhythmically ‘Hand In Hand’ sees McBride moving somewhat away from his usual off kilter programming inspired by 2-step and garage, embracing the steady pulse of 4:4 which turns out to be an effortless fit.


    Synkro’s hand has also this month been turned to an excellent remix of Jono McCleery, which can be streamed below.

  • Conforce announces new album ‘Autonomous’ on Delsin

    Dutch producer and live act Conforce is back with ‘Autonomous’, a fifth artist album and the latest in his long relationship with Delsin Records.

    Conforce aka Boris Bunnik, is a producer who explores the deepest realms of dub, house, techno and electro under many different monikers. His Conforce alias is where his most club orientated material comes from. This new nine track album finds the Transcendent label boss producing dark syntheses inspired by his hometown and harbour city, Rotterdam, and its automated industries.

    Set for release on the 2nd of of October 2017, this is a masterfully conceptual album that really paints a vivid picture of the inspirations it espouses. The album is available for preview on the Delsin website.

    Bass Agenda 151 have released an in-depth interview and mix with Conforce ahead of the release, giving an insight into his music and creative process. Have a listen below.


  • Guy Andrews premieres ‘Fjell’, announces forthcoming album – ‘Tåke’

    Guy Andrews, the London based musician renowned for creating dark, atmospheric music has premiered the first single – ‘Fjell’ – from his upcoming new album, ‘Tåke’ forthcoming on Houndstooth. The single, premiered on Dummy Magazine, is a marriage between Guy’s post-rock and techno influences, played out over six and a half beautiful minutes.

    “I was inspired to write Fjell by walking up a mountain in Wales called Cadair Idris,” Andrews told Dummy over email. “Each section in the song’s arrangement reflects the stages of challenge the mountain presents, and the sense of reward you get from reaching certain points. This experience resonates closely to what inspired my new album, ‘Tåke’. It was a hike in Norway that gave me inspiration to write music that captures the sense of accomplishment you get from exploring new places and taking yourself out of your comfort zone. Each track is a mini documentary of thought processes and experiences inspired by my recent adventures. Fjell is a track that moulds two key musical influences of mine together: post-rock and techno. I wanted to see if I could find a middle ground that retained enough familiarity between both genres. Getting the two genres to fuse together sonically was the most exciting part of writing this.”

  • JoeFarr features on SlamRadio podcast 253

    JoeFarr is the latest DJ to feature on Slam Radio podcast series, exclusively featuring his own music.

    Listen to it here:

  • New TERR single ‘Midnight’ released on Hotflush

    Following the success of Misantropicalia on Hotflush, Daniela Caldellas (aka TERR) returns to the label with a new offering of Italo-infused retro futuristic electro – “Midnight.”

    On the flip, “Outrun” (from the Misantropicalia EP) gets the remix treatment from Tuff City Kids.



  • Photay reveals new singles ahead of album launch

    Photay unveils two brand new singles from his forthcoming album – ‘Onism’ due for release on the 11th of August.

    ‘The Everday Push’ is a sublime piece of music. The groove will get you moving, but the textures might well stop you in your tracks. The stuttering beat beeps like a phone that’s been knocked off its hook; the electronic bass puts an especially heavyweight spin on the 808’s typical gut-punch, while subtle electronic sound design lends a glistening, high-tech touch. The melody comes from the balafon, a West African mallet instrument that sounds part xylophone, part screen door. Put together, those contrasting elements make for an electrifying range of timbres—and a striking sense of cognitive dissonance, wherein a centuries-old percussion instrument catapults ’80s funk deep into the future.

    The rhythm is familiar: slow, deliciously syncopated, and with a slinky cadence that’s not too far off from the kind of thing that Floating Points did on his early records. But when have we ever heard classic boogie dressed up in sounds like these?Pitchfork

    The second of these singles is the delightful ‘Aura’ – an exquisite piece of modern R&B that features glittering synth work and dreamy vocals from Photay himself.

    Screen Shot 2017-07-13 at 15.52.07

    As well as his own sizable offerings, Photay has been bestowed the honour of remixing Jordan Rakei’s ‘Sorceress’. Released on Ninja Tune on the 29th of June, it maintains the soulful integrity of the original but deftly repurposes it as a stealthy dancefloor killer. Jordan’s angelic harmonies swim through a breakbeat shuffle and a rumbling 80s-style wet bass for the ultimate groove. As the track breaks down, a xylophone-style chorus rings out alongside what reminds us of a west African highlife-style guitar riff. No matter where you place the sounds, this is guaranteed to light up dance-floors all summer.

  • LittleBig welcomes Photay


    Following a string of much loved EP’s and remixes for the likes of Astro Nautico and Ninja Tune, we are thrilled to announce that we will now be representing Photay for shows across Europe, in line with the release of his next album ‘Onism’, set for release on August 11th. Having received strong support from the likes of Gilles Peterson Worldwide, BBC 6 Music, Fader and Self-Titled, Photay will embark on the European leg of his worldwide Onism tour in Autumn 2017.

    Familiarise yourself with his music and forthcoming album below, and get in touch with Phil for EU tour availabilities.

    “Nature documentaries of the 1970s used synthesizer music to score messages about species endangerment and environmental disaster prevention. Electronic instrumentation was in itself an ominous warning of the reckless advancement of technology and an effort to audition a utopian harmony between people and machines and nature.

    Onism inherits the same historical tension in an age of climate change and social media addiction. It is also a reaction of personal conditions, a meditation on place, community, and its creator’s own embodied history. The word ‘onism,’ invented by John Koenig, means the frustration of being stuck in just one body that inhabits only one place at a time.
    To grasp onism, is to be apprised of how little of the world you have experienced, are experiencing, or will ever experience. Photay (Evan Shornstein) composed Onism in the heart of Brooklyn and shrouded by the silence of national parks or on trips home to the woodlands of the Hudson Valley in between touring the urban centers of foreign countries. Scattered but connected, Onism’s music is a constellation that rips across the night sky of time, charting an emotional reality dened by sadness and joy, dread and wonder.

    Shornstein contrasts spacious near-silence with bombastic saturated peaks. Fangled robotic tones (“Screens”) meet with forest oor ambience (“Storm”), evoking visual designs for the built and natural worlds, while the overwhelm of metropolis (“Balsam Massacre”) and the digital age (“The Everyday Push”) is eased by the liberatory forests of Woodstock (“Outré Lux” feat. Madison Mcferrin) and assumptions into imagined realities (“Bombogenesis”). The demonic swing of “Balsam Massacre” imagines the sounds of a tree’s innards as it is felled with a chainsaw, while ’Storm’ thunders distantly in triumphant reverie. On ‘Aura,’ Shornstein sings for the second time in his career (“Take the time to hear yourself”). The message hints at a common denom- inator to his meditations, resonating also as a warning to the world, an everyday push to the role of electronic music in storytelling the future of the global environmentalist movement.”

  • Max Cooper Unveils ‘Chromos’ EP

    Fresh off the heels of his critically acclaimed album ‘Emergence’ comes the next part of Max Cooper’s symbiotic exploration of music and science, conceptually wrapped around the development of human existence – ‘Chromos’.

    Chromos is the next chapter in the Emergence story. It’s a prologue about the formation of chromosomes, the building blocks of life.Resident Advisor

    The opening tracks, ‘Chromos’ and ‘Coils of Living Synthesis’, are beautifully delicate soundscapes of organic life inspired by genetic research undertaken at the Babraham Institute. The former also features an accompanying VR video by long-time collaborator Andy Lomas, the production of which used a simulated model to predict what DNA looks like inside a cell.

    Distant chords and subtle glitches emerge from a hypnotic groove in ‘Molten Landscapes’, whilst ‘Four Tone Reflections’ builds a vast sonic spectrum over 12 minutes. For the ‘Chromos’ remix, Cosmin TRG turns the fragility of the original into a beastly, warped techno monster.

    Max Cooper – Molten Landscapes – Official Video By Cornus Ammonis and Morgan Beringer from Max Cooper on Vimeo.


    ‘As a biologist I am passionate to find ways to make our science more accessible, to help people understand what we do and why we do it… It was amazing to see how the [Chromos] project took real data from the lab and turned it into a multidimensional experience which allows people to get more closely acquainted with our DNA, what it does and how it looks, making it almost palpable.’Mikhail Spivakov, Research Group Leader at the Babraham Institute

    “The sounds pop and crackle like fireworks exploding in your skull…expressive and emotive. Cooper’s music may be conceptual, but it’s also moving. 4.2”  Resident Advisor

    “One of the most innovative and cutting-edge producers in electronic music today…a masterpiece of craftsmanship. 9/10”  Exclaim, Canada
    “Max Cooper sigue maravillando” / “Max Cooper continues to marvel”  Clubbing Spain“A slither of light in a dark world”  IDOL Mag

    “What your DNA might sound like”  Highsnobiety


    Check out these links for more on Chromos and Max Cooper:

  • Yaleesa Hall mixes Electronic Explorations 469

    “All these tracks are very dear to me, some are records that I made and put out on the techno label Will & Ink, others are tracks that I have fond memories of. It’s a mix that I see would work in a basement or dark venue, or at an after party somewhere, ha! Hope you enjoy it.”

    The enigmatic Yaleesa Hall, best known for his avant-garde outputs on the luminous “Will & Ink” label, is the latest DJ to feature on Rob Booth’s ‘Electronic Explorations’ mix series. Packed with strange, squirming sound design and sonic anomalies, the mix is full of examples of Yaleesa’s beguiling production talents.

  • Versalife announces new album – ‘Encrypted Mind’

    Boris Bunnik, also known under his aliases Versalife and Conforce, releases a new album on 12 June 2017, entitled ‘Encrypted Mind’.

    Boris has kept both his Conforce and Versalife projects on full boil for the better part of a decade, the former exploring atmospheric techno and the latter diving into electro influences. Billed as a double LP, ‘Encrypted Mind’ follows his 2013 debut full-length as Versalife, Vantage Point, as well as EPs for the likes of Shipwrec, Frustrated Funk and Clone West Coast Series.

    Versalife performs live at Boiler Room in Nijmegen

    The latter imprint will handle the release of Encrypted Mind in tandem with fellow Rotterdam label Djak-Up-Bitch (DUB). Bunnik hints at the themes of the new record in its titles, which refer to computer programming, surveillance and data encryption.

    Check out the preview clips for the album here:

  • Aleksi Perälä reveals second volume of Colundi Sequence

    “‘OK, we’ve done these tuning system experiments — Let’s take it to the next level’. And then he sent me the Colundi frequencies, and I just knew that was it. Done making music. Enough of Aleksi Perälä. It’s all about Colundi.”

    The Colundi Sequence Vol. 2 is the next collection of Colundi music that sees the further metamorphosis of Aleksi’s music from the sound of his earlier productions into a higher state – both euphoniously and spiritually.

    The sequence itself is a musical scale, devised by Perälä and former Rephlex boss Grant Wilson-Claridge, and based on 128 resonant frequencies chosen, in Aleksi’s own words, “via experimentation and philosophy, each relating to a specific human bio-resonance, or psychology, traditional mysticism or belief, physics, astronomy, maths & chemistry.”

    Aleksi performing live at Nina Kraviz’s ‘Galaxiid’ show at Printworks, London.

    Since embracing the Sequence, Aleksi has seen a surge in his touring schedule, with appearances at venues such as Berghain, Concrete, Atonal, Nuits Sonores, Labryrinth festival, Dekmantel Festival, Flow Festival, Mapping Festival and Waking Life Festival.

    The project has also piqued the interest of more than a few industry heavyweights, garnering support from acts such as Nina Kraviz, Ben UFO, Slam and Objekt.

    Colundi Sequence Vol. 2 is out on Clone records now.

  • TERR mixes Deep House Amsterdam #277

    TERR is the latest in a long line of DJs to feature in the Deep House Amsterdam mix series, discussing her musical journey from her childhood influences to the evolution of her own creative expression.

    Featuring tracks from her new EP – entitled “Misantropicalia” & released on January 27 2017 on Hotflush Recordings – the mix is a perfect example of the way TERR effortlessly fuses both Techno and Electro together in her own unique style.

    Read the article here:

    Listen to the mix here:

    TERR – Misantropicalia

  • Kangding Ray presents ‘Hyper Opal Mantis’

    The tension between the natural and artificial, the body and mind, are central themes in electronic music in general and Techno in particular – as the means of creation, focused around technology and interactions with machines, contrast with the emotional response to sound, the mystical ritual of collective dancing, and the ethos of liberation and tolerance embedded in the culture it produced.

    “Hyper Opal Mantis is an exploratory work defined by a unique concept that’s ultimately a joy to experience.”Exclaim

    We’re navigating a world of engineered pleasures, big data monitoring of movements and consumption habits, and falsely objective representations of reality, further blurred by a reduced attention span and several opaque layers of cultural interpretation and political manipulation.

    Manichean simplifications are used to create hate and fear in order to achieve domination and impose limits on freedom, and the irrational belief in endless growth, increasingly disconnected from nature, led to massive environmental destructions and waves of unprecedented extinctions of species.

    “Letellier is known for giving his albums a heavy conceptual bent whi ch often crosses into social (and socio-political) commentary, so it becomes near-impossible to resist the temptation to listen for messages encrypted in his (figuratively) locked grooves.”the Quietus

    Our primal sensuous perception, vastly more abstract, emotional and sensual, make us feel the world as an ambiguous realm we are part of, but not in control of ; a complex network of interacting forces and enigmatic patterns, a matrix of overlapping desires. Rebuilding our bonds with nature, Reconnecting with our senses, and spreading love in the process becomes an essential act of resistance.

    Hyper Opal Mantis is a triptych on 3 states of desire, and the first long player of Kangding Ray for Stroboscopic Artefacts. HYPER is the primal, sensual lust, OPAL is the emotional catharsis, a blissful desire for love. MANTIS, like the insect it refers to, is the destructive, fatal attraction.

    “[David Letellier] has evolved a lot since his first work and is increasingly transforming into an affirmed techno producer. Moreover, [Hyper Opal Mantis] seems to confirm this evolution.”Goûte Mes Disques

  • Valgeir Sigurðsson prepares his First Solo Material Since 2012

    Icelandic composer and musician Valgeir Sigurðsson is scheduled to release his first solo material since 2012. Titled ‘Dissonance’, the LP is scheduled for release on April 21 on Valgeir’s own ‘Bedroom Community’ label.

    According to the label, Dissonance is “a personal and collective musical treatise to explore and question a world that is “collapsing under its internal dissonances.”

    ‘Dissonance”s development is unique in that it utilises a unique recording technique that Valgeir has been developing for years, where they layering of various orchestral elements has been broken up and recorded separately. These separate elements are then multiplied to create an imaginary orchestra – enabling Sigurðsson’s complete control over all the details and nuances, creating a unique sounding ensemble that is at the composer’s disposal for further electronic manipulation.

    Check out the complete track listing and the first streamable track ahead of the LP’s April 21 release below

    01. Dissonance
    02. No Nights Dark Enough I. flow
    03. No Nights Dark Enough II. infamy sings
    04. No Nights Dark Enough IV. fear and grief and pain
    05. No Nights Dark Enough V. learn to contemn light
    06. 1875 I. waterborne
    07. 1875 II. in the dead of winter
    08. 1875 III. displaced

  • Synkro reveals ‘Memories’ mix ahead of release

    Manchester’s Joe McBride aka Synkro has produced a mix heralding the release of his forthcoming release on Apollo -‘Memories’.

    Featuring tracks from the compilation, prepare to be taken on a journey of soothing yet melancholic melodies awash with soulful vocals and lush pads, underpinned by a skeleton of tough, crisp beats and loaded with retrospective nostalgia.

    Listen to it here:

  • LittleBig welcomes TERR

    We are delighted to begin a collaboration with the hugely talented Daniela Caldellas, who last year signed to Hotflush Recordings with the ‘Burn The Past EP’. Over the past year she has gained the support of Resident Advisor, XLR8R, Mixmag and Red Bull amongst many others- and has recently returned to Hotflush to deliver the ‘Misantropicalia’ EP, channeling the retro-futurist tones of italo, electro and traditional house & techno. Listen to the new EP below, and get in touch with Phil for all enquiries.

  • LittleBig welcomes Kangding Ray

    It’s our pleasure to announce that LittleBig UK is now representing Kangding Ray. An architect of abstract soundscapes and evolving compositions, Kangding Ray is the master of combining the mechanical and the organic, resulting in music that is as philosophical about our relationship with our environments as it is structurally complex.

    2016 has seen him perform at venues such as Berghain, Rewire festival, Concrete, Contact [Tokyo], Unsound [Adelaide] and Dekmantel, amongst many others across the world

    We’re booking both live and DJ shows across 2017 and taking select festival options. Please contact for all enquiries.

  • Conforce/Versalife mobilises for 2017

    Techno stalwart Boris Bunnik aka Conforce/Versalife has entered the new year with eminent intent, starting proceedings with a no-holds-barred mix for the Bassiani podcast and a new release on Deep Sound Channel.

    The past 12 months have seen Confroce deployed to shows at internationally acclaimed venues such as Fabric, Concrete, Tresor, Pascha, Sankeys and Fuse, to name but a few.

    Never one to relent on his uncompromising release schedule, 2017 will also see the arrival of not one, but two new albums. Forthcoming on Delsin and Clone West Coast under his Conforce and Versalife monikers respectively, these projects forecasted for a Springtime release.

    You can check out his Bassiani mix and his new track “Oasis” below:

  • Synkro announces MEMORIES (2008-2011) Compilation on Tailored Communication

    Following Synkro AKA Joe McBride 2015’s stellar debut album ‘Changes’, Apollo Recordings is proud to present a collection of his formative early works.

    Originally released on scene stalwart labels such as Smokin’ Sessions, Blackout, Box Clever, Med School and Exit Records, these tracks displays the music that forged his career tracking his progression up to signing to Apollo.

    Despite having come up during the dubstep era, McBride’s music has always resisted easy classification – winding together such diverse influences as Boards Of Canada, dBridge, Burial and Oneohtrix Point Never, whilst still remaining utterly unique.

    The trademark warm sonics, and emotive melodies that were ever-present in ‘Changes’ are in strong evidence here – lush pads, ambient/balearic washes and soulful vocals, underpinned by a skeleton of tough, crisp beats. What is most surprising and captivating about these early works is just how consistent McBride’s sonic vision remains – melancholic, cinematic, soothing yet vital – his is a strong and truly unique voice nearly a decade into his career.

  • LittleBig welcomes Yaleesa Hall

    We are very happy to announce that the hugely talented and enigmatic Yaleesa Hall is now represented by LittleBig worldwide.

    As a resident of Amsterdam’s Will & Ink label, Yaleesa Hall has delivered a string of hugely detailed and infectious dance cuts prior to the release of the truly unique ‘Woodall’ LP in November 2016.

    Alongside Yaleesa Hall, LittleBig will also represent Will & Ink label showcases. Listen to the Woodall LP below, and contact for all enquiries.

  • Max Cooper ‘Emergence’ LP Roundup

    Max Cooper’s ‘Emergence’ is the story of natural laws and processes, their inherent beauty, and their action to yield the universe, us and the world we live in.

    Initially conceived as a soundtrack to a new series of 11 pieces of video art, each track explores a different facet of the titular concept. The work is a marriage between the cosmic awe of a Carl Sagan film and the musical wonderment of Sigur Rós; made for meditating on the mystery of our emotional connection to fundamental natural form.

    The full A/V live show triumphantly premiered at Mutek festival, Japan in November, before coming home to a sold out December show in London Islington’s Assembly Hall. With performances set for all over the world, 2017 is promising to be equally as industrious.

    “Grand in scope and ambitious in narrative, a meditative, hallucinatory journey” –  DJ Mag

    Cooper (collaborating with Tom Hodge and vocalist Kathrin deBoer on “Trust” and other tracks) puts together a rich piece of music that incorporates post-rock, Warp-y brain-dance, hi-def digital techno and shimmering neo-classical. Few musicians are as qualified as Max to tackle as profound an idea as ‘Emergence’ through electronic music.

    “Aurally stunning and cinematic at every turn … techno with blood running through its veins”  – Resident Advisor

    Max has synthesised his skill as a producer and his deep interests in science to create a Hadron Collider-grade ambient techno world, in the lineage of The Future Sounds of London’s Lifeforms for 2016. Still fresh from it’s November 25th release, it is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful records you’ll hear all year.

    Early reviews of ‘Emergence’ can be found here:


  • Emmanuel 1 hour set cut from Poznan

    Check an hour set cut from Emmanuel’s performance from Projekt Lab, Poznan in September 2016.