Max Cooper Unveils ‘Chromos’ EP

Fresh off the heels of his critically acclaimed album ‘Emergence’ comes the next part of Max Cooper’s symbiotic exploration of music and science, conceptually wrapped around the development of human existence – ‘Chromos’.

Chromos is the next chapter in the Emergence story. It’s a prologue about the formation of chromosomes, the building blocks of life.Resident Advisor

The opening tracks, ‘Chromos’ and ‘Coils of Living Synthesis’, are beautifully delicate soundscapes of organic life inspired by genetic research undertaken at the Babraham Institute. The former also features an accompanying VR video by long-time collaborator Andy Lomas, the production of which used a simulated model to predict what DNA looks like inside a cell.

Distant chords and subtle glitches emerge from a hypnotic groove in ‘Molten Landscapes’, whilst ‘Four Tone Reflections’ builds a vast sonic spectrum over 12 minutes. For the ‘Chromos’ remix, Cosmin TRG turns the fragility of the original into a beastly, warped techno monster.

Max Cooper – Molten Landscapes – Official Video By Cornus Ammonis and Morgan Beringer from Max Cooper on Vimeo.


‘As a biologist I am passionate to find ways to make our science more accessible, to help people understand what we do and why we do it… It was amazing to see how the [Chromos] project took real data from the lab and turned it into a multidimensional experience which allows people to get more closely acquainted with our DNA, what it does and how it looks, making it almost palpable.’Mikhail Spivakov, Research Group Leader at the Babraham Institute

“The sounds pop and crackle like fireworks exploding in your skull…expressive and emotive. Cooper’s music may be conceptual, but it’s also moving. 4.2”  Resident Advisor

“One of the most innovative and cutting-edge producers in electronic music today…a masterpiece of craftsmanship. 9/10”  Exclaim, Canada
“Max Cooper sigue maravillando” / “Max Cooper continues to marvel”  Clubbing Spain“A slither of light in a dark world”  IDOL Mag

“What your DNA might sound like”  Highsnobiety


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