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65daysofstatic announce new installation

Sheffield’s 65daysofstatic show no signs of slowing down. They have spent fifteen years establishing themselves globally as a relentless touring band. They have made seven studio albums, soundtracked contemporary dance, scored films and…


65daysofstatic announces 2015 Australia tour

“It’s taken us a little while, but we’re really pleased to announce that, as long as civilisation scrapes its way through one more year, we’ll be bringing the Wild Light tour to Australia…

65daysofstatic announce ‘The Fall of Math’ European dates

Following the release of their latest album ‘Wild Light’ to critical acclaim and sold out shows across the U.S and Europe, Sheffield’s 65daysofstatic will really step things up with a special series of 2…


65daysofstatic announce Fall of Math anniversary show

Following the release of their latest album ‘Wild Light’ to critical acclaim and a sold out performance at the Scala In London, Sheffield’s 65daysofstatic will really step things up in 2014 with a…


65daysofstatic releases 6th studio album

Our album, Wild Light, is released in the UK and Europe on Monday 16th September through Superball Music. It will follow in the U.S on 29th October, and is also coming imminently to Australia via Bird’s…


65daysofstatic launches interactive remix portal + Tramlines video

It’s always better in the band’s own words …  Sleepwalk City was (is) a large scale live audio/visual installation that we performed for the first time in steel city Sheffield’s Millennium Gallery, during…

65daysofstatic announce UK tour and September album release

65daysofstatic UK Tour September 2013 from 65daysofstatic on Vimeo. Sometimes they come back … and for some, they do it in style. 65daysofstatic has been on an extended hiatus for something like 3…

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