65daysofstatic launches interactive remix portal + Tramlines video

It’s always better in the band’s own words … 

Sleepwalk City was (is) a large scale live audio/visual installation that we performed for the first time in steel city Sheffield’s Millennium Gallery, during the city’s weekend long Tramlines Festival. The very good and underfunded folk at Museums Sheffield essentially gave us an empty room, a lot of audio equipment and FREE REIGN, the combination of which led to us almost losing our minds but was also triumphant and awesome.

Anyway, don’t take our word for it, watch this mini-documentary (above) that charts our actual marbles being lost.


Requires Unity Web Player

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Who knows who actually came up with the title first, us or Katy Perry, but whichever way you look at it, a prism will now forever be a clandestine, mass electronic surveillance data-mining program operated by the United States’ National Security Agency, rather than a transparent optical component with flat surfaces that refracts light.

Prisms remains the title of the next K-P record, and the first track to be released from our new record ‘Wild Light’. The association with the track’s title and international privacy rights isn’t one that bothers us as it’s probably something that should be concerning everybody right now. Prisms is coming on 19th August.

In the meantime, 65 are inviting you to explore an atomised version of the track, built by some of our finest minds. Our finest mimes. Brains.

Now you can manipulate sound as the powers that be will one day manipulate you! Point, Click, BOOM. Remix our lost marbles here. (Won’t work on mobile devices):