B.Traits / Baby T

B’s journey has seen her relocate from rural British Columbia, Canada to her adopted home of London, England. Here she cemented her reputation as a trusted selector at countless leading music events and festivals, launched her own record label ‘In Toto’ and became an established and respected radio broadcaster for BBC Radio 1 for 6 years.

More recently, B has announced her Baby T alias, with a new musical direction and an upcoming live show. Under this alias she explores the middle ground between fast techno and jungle, fusing lessons learnt from her time in both communities.

Alongside this she continues to release music as B.Traits on In Toto as well as ambient and meditative creations on her Paciphonic imprint. Paciphonic also hosts a live event and stream series, fusing the healing aspects of music with meditation.

B’s desire for complete artistic freedom and a boundless musical direction is paramount to her wide and eclectic energy for different projects and sounds.

A skilled producer, DJ, curator and presenter. You should certainly expect the unexpected where B is concerned – but if there’s something you can predict, it’s that whatever comes next will be dedicated and unique.


In a sense, Baby T is a project which allows Brianna Price to go back to the start. While B’s successful DJ/production career as B.Traits has demonstrated her love for so many different kinds of club music, as a teenager she cut her teeth at jungle raves and drum ‘n’ bass nights. When operating as Baby T she zeroes in on the gritty atmospheres, breakneck tempos and hardcore principles learned in those early days behind the decks.

However, Baby T is more than just B rekindling an old passion. This project is also an expression of something innate to her artistic vision, a need to make bold, visceral work which simmers with dark energy. When she’s in this mode, B flips the buoyancy of B.Traits’ music into something moody and ominous, the sound of storm clouds gathering on the horizon. In her own words, “B.Traits is more the front-facing ego, and Baby T is what’s been sitting in the shadows.”

Baby T’s thrilling early releases have synthesised a wide range of styles and influences into an instantly recognisable sonic aesthetic – one that doesn’t mess around and certainly doesn’t compromise. At the core of both Portra, Baby T’s debut EP which emerged via Samurai Music in May 2020, and her I Against I EP for Central Processing Unit is a form of drum ‘n’ bass schooled in the darkside style of legendary labels such as Metalheadz and Skanna. From here B moves outwards to bring bassweight techno, dystopian electro, acid and Dominick Fernow-style dark ambient into play, all while maintaining an air of steely-eyed intent. These are the sort of tunes you drop when the temperature in the dance is rising and things are starting to get murky.

As Baby T, Brianna (B.Traits) reconnects with her junglist past in order to inspire her in the present. “I played faster back then,” she says, “and that’s where I’m going back to with Baby T – but this time I’m not 18, and I have zero f***s to give.”

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