• Valgeir Sigurðsson prepares his First Solo Material Since 2012

    Icelandic composer and musician Valgeir Sigurðsson is scheduled to release his first solo material since 2012. Titled ‘Dissonance’, the LP is scheduled for release on April 21 on Valgeir’s own ‘Bedroom Community’ label.

    According to the label, Dissonance is “a personal and collective musical treatise to explore and question a world that is “collapsing under its internal dissonances.”

    ‘Dissonance”s development is unique in that it utilises a unique recording technique that Valgeir has been developing for years, where they layering of various orchestral elements has been broken up and recorded separately. These separate elements are then multiplied to create an imaginary orchestra – enabling Sigurðsson’s complete control over all the details and nuances, creating a unique sounding ensemble that is at the composer’s disposal for further electronic manipulation.

    Check out the complete track listing and the first streamable track ahead of the LP’s April 21 release below

    01. Dissonance
    02. No Nights Dark Enough I. flow
    03. No Nights Dark Enough II. infamy sings
    04. No Nights Dark Enough IV. fear and grief and pain
    05. No Nights Dark Enough V. learn to contemn light
    06. 1875 I. waterborne
    07. 1875 II. in the dead of winter
    08. 1875 III. displaced