• Squarepusher ‘Ufabulum’ out now on Warp + astonishing new live show!

    “I’ve started thinking about pure electronic music again. Something very melodic, very aggressive”.

    Squarepusher’s new album ‘Ufabulum’ was released May 14/15 on Warp and he has been performing his brand new live A/V overload show at festivals this Summer + headline tour in Sept/Oct.

    Squarepusher on the track ‘Dark Steering’:
    “For a while I had apocalyptic nightmares about trails of nuclear missiles in the night sky. So I aimed to recreate that strange combination of exhilaration, terror and sadness both visually and emotionally through this piece. It lead to the idea of a spacecraft leaving earth at vast speed to escape, but oddly the music also made me think of it flying through a library. So I generated the visual aspect such that, as the piece progresses, it seems as if the viewer is ever accelerating through massive corridors of books.”

    Check the video trailer for a peek at his brain-melting new music and immersive LED video live set-up.