• Littlebig welcomes Dinos Chapman. New album & AV live show

    British artist Dinos Chapman is principally known for the transgressive, darkly humorous sculpture, prints and installations that he has been creating with his brother Jake since 1991. It turns out, however, that he’s spent the last decade crafting dark, melodic electronica and IDM which has been collected into an album for The Vinyl Factory entitled Luftbobler.

    The new solo live AV show featuring his own film work is now confirmed to debut at Sonar. Littlebig are proud to represent Dinos Chapman live for the world and we are now scheduling this special show at key locations.


    “Combines horror and melancholy potently. Chapman simmers his haunted creations, a sort of David Lynch of the dancefloor.”
    The Wire
    “An unexpected delight. Full of nagging melodies and post-rave rhythms.”
    “Evokes a landscape of epic proportions – has appeal far beyond the art world.”
    Dazed & Confused
    “An extremely convincing album of modern sounding techno – distrurbingly well produced.”
    “Composed of seismic tremors and sinister basslines, Luftbobler is unsettling and all the better for it.”
    Evening Standard
    “An anxious avant-techno adventure that owes a debt both to Eno and Eastern European fairytales.”
    Time Out


    Watch Dinos being interviewed below 

    Head over to the Dinos Chapman website for more.