• WATCH: Exclusive audio/visual transmission from Sculpture

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    Ahead of one of their all-encompasing, mind-unlocking, dance-starting, cortex-melting, immersive psychedelic events in Hackney, John Doran from The Quietus talks to the audio visual masters of (un)reality, Sculpture.

    Sculpture have also put together this exclusive video edit from their February Cafe Oto show.

    Oto 190215 from Sculpture on Vimeo.

  • Sculpture’s new ‘Mix Series’ Release on Software Label


    Mixware is a mix tape series compiled by Software artists. Featuring new, old, and unreleased material alongside remixes, edits, and archival material, Mixware welcomes free explorations by the Software crew. Each Mixware installment is available as a free download and limited edition cassette.

    Following Napolian’s Road To Incursio from earlier this month comes the second Mixware release courtesy of madcap audio-visualists Sculpture. The duo of Reuben Sutherland and Dan Hayhurst compiled the material for Video Plot from recordings of their live performances around the release of their album, Membrane Pop, in March 2014. Reuben’s kaleidoscopic animations coalesce with Dan’s frenetic unspooling of sonic detritus in gleeful, ecstatic levels, encapsulated (miraculously) in Video Plot.

    Video Plot will be available on Halloween 2014 as a free digital download and in limited cassette form with a hand-stamped, hand-numbered case. A video of projections performed by Sculpture accompanies the release.

    Sculpture Boiler Room London Live Set by brtvofficial

  • Sculpture ‘Membrane Pop’ update


    Following the release of their now-acclaimed ‘Membrane Pop’ debut for Software Recordings, Sculpture’s inimitable creative works have once again caught the attention of a plethora of publications. We’ve rounded up some our favourite features below, giving an insight into the minds of London based duo Dan Hayhurst and Reuben Sutherland, including interviews with Creative outlets ‘The Creators Project’ and Ableton Live, as well as a live session on NTS radio with Mattis.

    Interview w/ the Creators Projector / Vice.

    Input/Output: An interview with Sculpture for Ableton

    Inverted Audio: Membrane Pop review

    Inverted Audio: Membrane Pop playlist

    8/10 review for Soundblab

    ‘Polymorphic Operator’ via The Quietus


  • Sculpture sign to Software. Debut album penned for May.

    The inimitable combination of Daniel Hayhurst and Reuben Sutherland were once described as “Post-techno rhythms sounding like Sun Ra meets Ekoplekz in a conical flask of liquid mescaline, all spun thru a centrifuge at Daphne Oram’s home lab”, and few descriptions seem quite as fitting. The pair have been famed for their highly collectable series of animated picture discs and their unforgettable multi-format live show, featuring live tape looping, discombobulated fx-chains and acid-flashback visuals provided by their both custom, and the aforementioned picture disc releases. ‘Membrane Pop’ is released mid-May on Software, a label curated by Daniel Lopatin, AKA Oneohtrix Point Never.

    “If a majority of the music you hear today resembles the hard-set stone carvings of history, then Sculpture’s offerings are imagined, transitory statues with no fixed place in time. Hearing Membrane Pop in a different context, time or place may well bring about a different experience. Or perhaps a similar result.”

  • Sculpture – Live at Interference Festival

    Earlier this year, Sculpture brought their multi-format audio visual show to the Sound and Science festival ‘Interference’ in Breda, Netherlands.
    Watch the set below, featuring zeotropic visuals and a plethora of concrète indebted audio manipulations.

    Sculpture live @ Interference from Sculpture on Vimeo.

  • Sculpture – This Is Not Catford

    Dan Hayhurst and Reuben Sutherland show us just one of the many creative faucets of their ‘Sculpture’ project in the form of this cyclical animation, straight off the back of their recent European festival stint, including performances at Berlin’s ICAS Suite, Holland’s ‘Transnatural festival’ and the Hackney Film Festival.

    This is not Catford from Sculpture on Vimeo.

    Want more? Check out their recent multi-format live mix on NTS LIVE below:

  • Sculpture – Picture Disc overview in The Wire

    Continually pushing the bar for multimedia performance artists, Sculpture’s releases refuse to stand still or be pinned down. Their picture disc releases caused a stir in the review department of The Wire, providing a new platform for them to release their meticulously psychedelic aesthetic. Check out the video review below.

    Rotary Signal Emitter – Side A from The Wire Magazine on Vimeo.

    Rotary Signal Emitter – Side B from The Wire Magazine on Vimeo.