Bobbie Johnson, a solo hip-hop artist from the UK, mashes her multi-genre influences of hip-hop, grime, garage and glitch, to form an amalgamation of sounds that showcases her conscious thought and social commentary. She uses the self-healing tool of music to explores self-reflective themes of love in her upcoming EP ‘Defier’, out October 8, on QM Records.

    Defier shows an artist evolving; her production skills reach a fresh and complex twist on her sound as you know it. Citing influences such as James Blake and FKA Twigs, the ‘Defier EP’ plays around with ideas of rebellion, it highlights the struggles in love – futile love, unrequited love, destructive love and the importance of self-love.

    Listen to Another Man, from Defier EP

    ‘Rainbow Flags’ is very close to Bobbie’s heart; spitting topics of homosexuality, being overly sexualised, commercialized or suppressed. ‘Another Man’ – the first single from the Defier EP – talks about the social commentary of relationship games, sexual fluidity and learning about yourself. All guided with the garage-reminiscent vibe and dreamy vocals. Her quick wit is showcased on follow up single ‘Go Get Mine’ featuring up and coming Brighton rapper Taff.  A sound that is more familiar to the Bobbie you may know, focusing on your career but with a cheeky look back into the past to see how far you’ve come, all over a grime-influenced beat.

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    Defier EP
    Out October 8, 2018

    Manager Cara Topping
    Label Nicholson ​ //