• 65daysofstatic reissue second album, One Time For All Time

    65daysofstatic have made plans to reissue their second album, 2005’s ‘One Time For All Time’ on 18th November via Monotreme Records. It’ll be available on 1000 deluxe LPs, with half the run on black vinyl, and the other half on cream vinyl with sepia splatter.

    “We have never worked with a record label as great as Monotreme Records and they never do vinyl half heartedly,” say the band. “It’s cool to finally have all that hyper-treble and scratchy confusion we recorded back in 2006 pressed onto heavy plastic to warm it up a bit.

    “Plus this reissue gave us a chance to revisit our Radio Protector Polaroid project — a thousand 7 inch singles, each with a unique cover. We made a special booklet for this vinyl with images and titles for all 1000, finally bringing them together in the same place for the first time. Pretty happy with that.”

    Each vinyl will come with a twelve-page colour booklet containing the images and titles of all 1000 individual Polaroid photos taken by the band for the ‘Radio Protector’ single, plus a copy of the album CD and a colour-printed inner sleeve.

    The reissue follows 65daysofstatic’s most recent album, the soundtrack to No Man’s Sky.