• New mix from Objekt

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    Here at Dekmantel we are a big fan of Berlin based Brit Objekt. Evidence: you will see him play our festival in Amsterdam as well as Lente Kabinet, and then Dekmantel Selectors in Croatia. And right now, the man known for his unrivalled technical nous is in a fine run of form. His recent, self-released EP is another testament to his ability to skew house, techno and breaks into his own imaginative forms. Following on from releases on Hessle Audio, Bleep and an album on PAN, it is another boon in his fine discography.

    And he is just as impressive across a 90 plus minute selection for us: it finds him serving up a cavernous world of intricate and hi fidelity sounds that are abstract and unusual. Moving through sparse minimal soundscapes into pummelling but atmospheric drum tracks and on to jungle, dub and experimental worldly rhythms, it is a wildly compelling and singular selection filled with unusual sounds that often leaving you wondering WTF?!

  • Objekt announces new 12″


    Objekt is back with his first release since 2014.

    Objekt #4 is the latest EP in the Berlin-based producer’s self-titled white label series, which began with Objekt #1 in 2011. It arrives a little over three years since the series’ last instalment. It’s been almost as long since we last heard from Objekt, real name TJ Hertz, altogether—his debut LP, Flatland, was released in late 2014. Objekt #4 comprises two tracks, and followers of Pearson Sound and Ben UFO might recognise the A-side, “Needle & Thread”—both DJs have played it in recent sets.

    Due out on March 27th, Objekt #4 is dedicated to a fictitious Berlin venue called Basement Q. “There really was no place quite like it,” Hertz says. “Even in the later years when Joe [Call Super] and I would go, the sense of vitality was palpable. You had all these regulars who must all have been pushing 50 years old but still had more energy and passion than any 25 year olds we knew at the time.”

    A Needle & Thread
    B Theme From Q

    Objekt will release Objekt #4 on March 27th, 2017.

  • Objekt to release new mix CD on Tresor July 8th


    Objekt will take the helm for the third edition of Berlin club Tresor’s Kern mix-series following on from previous efforts by DJ Deep and DJ Hell.

    The mix marks the Berlin-based producer and DJ’s first release since his 2014 debut album Flatland released via PAN. TJ Hertz’ contribution to the series is said to keep up the tradition of showcasing a more personal approach to the DJ in question’s style of mixing and selections.

    “Kern Vol. 3 is made up of tracks that I know I will play and love for years to come,” he says. Some of these records have been in my bag for years; others are almost as new to me as they are to you. A handful are by lesser known artists whom I admire and who I think deserve wider recognition.

    “Planned, recorded, embellished, reworked, tweaked and chiselled away at over a period of 6 months, the mix was gradually carved out in a way that makes use of new and old techniques alike, presenting itself primarily as a DJ mix but settling in a sweet spot between live recording and studio trickery. The tracklist spans styles, decades and BPMs in an attempt to craft a mix that’s unpredictable and compelling in equal measure – one that draws from the more adventurous corners of my club sets, but above all, one that’s a pleasure to listen to.”

    With DJ sets as compelling as his three-hour stint at London’s Corsica Studios early last month, the mix holds a lot of promise and takes in music from Beatrice Dillon, Machine Woman, Bee Mask and Call Super’s Ondo Fudd pseudonym. Tresor Records will release Kern Vol. 3 on July 8 with two 12″s set to accompany its release, one taking in tracks exclusive to the compilation and the other featuring some of the rarities included in Objekt’s mix. The album will be launched at Tresor in Berlin on June 3 with sets from Objekt, DJ Bone, Call Super, Shanti Celeste, Radioactive Man, Machine Woman and more.


  • Objekt puts out new mix

    TJ Hertz’s music as Objekt is constantly in flux, flexing and spring-boarding acrobatically around conventional genre tropes. Since making his name with his reinterpretation of dubstep in 2011, breaking free of stylistic shackles has proved to be fertile ground for Hertz. In the years since, his singular approach to sound design and his productions’ extraordinary attention to detail – most notably on last year’s debut album Flatland – makes use of electronic music’s full spectrum to find new and imaginative shapes.

    Arguably, though, it’s more recently that he has been brought into sharp focus as a selector. In the past few years, a flawless run of mixes has earned him a reputation as a killer DJ, and Hertz’s performances have been standout experiences for Crack staff too. From full throttle intensity in disused jail cells in Bristol, to intense, sudoriferous sessions at Welsh festival Freerotation, to illuminating Sunday explorations of the boundaries of the Berghain dancefloor, hearing his morphing textures has always been a thrill for us.

    To put it simply, he’s one of our favourite DJs, so who better to complete our 100th mix? A playful selection of whiplash techno, electro and the spaces in-between, it’s indicative of his adventurous approach to selection, as well as why he’s celebrated as one of the key figures keeping dance music resolutely facing forward.

  • Listen To Dopplereffekt’s “Delta Wave” on Leisure System

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    Dopplereffekt’s “Delta Wave,” taken from the Hypnagogia split 12″ with Objekt on Leisure System, is now available on Youtube:

    Read the 4.5/5 review of Hypnagogia on Resident Advisor

  • Objekt announces debut album for PAN

    Excited to announce the release of Objekt’s debut album on PAN, Flatland. Written between 2012 and 2014, Flatland follows up a succession of dynamic single releases from his base in Berlin, including the recent split 12” with Dopplereffekt on Leisure System, Cactus b/w Porcupine on Hessle Audio and three 12” singles on his eponymous white label series. His recorded work so far has toyed with techno and electro conventions and has turned dancefloor tropes on theirhead, tickling the boundaries of what can or can’t constitute an effective club record.

    Read more here




  • Objekt debuts “Ganzfeld” from forthcoming Leisure System 12″

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    FACT Magazine debuts Objekt’s “Ganzfeld,” taken from the forthcoming Hypnagogia 12″ on Leisure System

    Leisure System releases Hypnagogia on September 1st, featuring one track each from Objekt and legendary electro duo Dopplereffekt.

  • New track by Objekt

    The new VA release from Power Vacuum features a brand new track by Objekt, and as always its not going unnoticed. Power Vacuum pack a relentless session of thuggish techno from Objekt, JoeFarr & J. Tijn, An-i, and Positive Merge. Following on from his Jon Hopkins remix, Objekt bats out the busy, gritty ragga-techno tweaks of ‘Balloons’, which you can count on hearing smashing dance floors world wide.

  • Littlebig acts score high in the critics 2013 lists

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    After another great year for our acts in 2013 we’re looking forward to continuing to grow and strengthen for 2014. The end of year lists contained a very strong showing from our acts, including No.1s from Jon Hopkins, Oneohtrix Point Never, and many many more. Below is an edited selection of the cream of the crop, get in touch now for festival bookings and tour dates!

    Email us at:

    65daysofstatic : ‘Wild Light’ [Superball Music]
    No. 3 in Sam Law’s (Kerrang) ‘Albums of 2013’
    No. 3 in Muzik Discovery’s ‘Top 50 Albums of 2013′
    No. 4 in Thrash Hits’ ‘Albums of 2013’
    No. 19 in Drowned In Sound’s ‘Albums of 2013’
    No. 19 in Prog Magazine’s ‘Albums of 2013’
    No. 19 in Music OMH’s ‘Albums of 2013’
    No. 23 in Rocksound Magazine’s ‘Albums of 2013’
    No. 35 in Gigwise’s ‘Albums of 2013’
    No. 78 in Louder Than War’s ‘Albums of 2013′
    Included in Gigwise’s ’32 most underrated albums of 2013′ & ’30 most beautiful covers of 2013’

    Autechre : ‘Exai’ [Warp Records]
    No. 2 in Bleep’s ‘Artists of The Year’
    No. 12 in Bleep’s ‘Best Albums’
    No. 46 in FACT’s ‘The 50 Best Albums’

    DJ Rashad [Hyperdub]
    No. 3 in Dummy’s ‘The 10 best EPs’ for ‘Rollin”
    No. 8 in Rolling Stone’s ‘20 Best Dance Albums’ for ‘Let it go’
    No. 14 in Dummy’s ‘The 20 Best Albums’ for ‘Double Cup’

    Dopplereffekt [Leisure System]
    No. 17 in Resident Advisor’s ‘Top 50 tracks’ for ’Gene Slicing’
    No. 30 in Boomkat’s ‘Top 100 Singles’ for Tetrahymena

    Fuck Buttons : ‘Slow Focus’ [ATP Recordings]
    No. 1 in The Skinny’s ‘The Albums of 2013’
    No. 3 in RollingStone’s ‘20 Best Dance Albums’
    No. 9 in Bleep’s ‘Best Albums’
    No. 34 in Rough Trade’s ‘Albums of 2013’
    No. 40 in NME’s ‘50 Best Albums’

    Jon Hopkins : ‘Immunity’ [Domino]
    No. 1 in XLR8R’s ‘Best Releases of 2013’
    No. 1 in Musicexpress ‘Record Of The Year’ (Germany)
    No. 1 in The Evening Standard’s ‘Best 10 Albums’
    No. 1 on Triple J ‘Electronic album of the year’ (Australia)
    No. 3 in Tsugi (France)
    No. 3 in NME’s ‘The Best Albums’ voted by readers.
    No. 4 in Rolling Stone’s ‘20 Best Dance Albums’
    No. 4 in Mixmag
    No. 6 in Rough Trade’s ‘Albums of 2013’
    No. 7 in Time Out
    No. 8 in Mondo Sonoro (Spain
    No. 11 in NME’s ‘50 Best Albums of 2013’
    No. 11 in The Sunday Times
    No. 13 in Groove (Germany)
    No. 14 in DJ Mag
    No. 16 in Intro (Germany)
    No. 17 in The Quietus’ ‘Albums Of 2013’
    No. 18 in Resident Advisor
    No. 24 in XLR8R’s ‘Best Tracks of 2013’
    No. 28 in NME’s ‘Best tracks of 2013’
    No. 29 in Mojo
    No. 32 in Clash
    No. 37 in The Guardian
    No. 37 on Pitchfork
    No. 16 in Resident Advisor’s ‘Top 20 Live Acts’

    Laurel Halo : ‘Chance of Rain’ [Hyperdub]
    No. 2 in Juno’s ‘Best of 2013: Top 25 Albums’
    No. 2 in The Wire’s ‘Top 50 Releases of 2013’
    No. 15 in Dummy’s ‘The 20 Best Albums of 2013’
    No. 21 in The Quietus’ ‘Albums Of 2013’
    No. 22 in Bleep’s ‘Best Albums of 2013’
    No. 36 in FACT’s ‘The 50 Best Albums’
    ‘Behind the Green Door EP’ [Hyperdub]

    No. 4 in Juno’s ‘Top 100 Tracks, EPs, and Singles’
    No. 8 in Dummy’s ‘The 10 best EPs’
    No. 15 in XLR8R’s ‘Best Releases’
    No. 46 in Resident Advisor’s ‘Top 50 tracks’ for ‘Throw’

    Leisure System
    No. 20 in Resident Advisor’s ‘Top 20 Labels of 2013’

    Machinedrum [Ninja Tune]
    No. 6 in Bleep’s ‘Artists of The Year’
    No. 16 in Bleep’s ‘Best Albums’ for ‘Vapor City’
    No. 20 in XLR8R’s ‘Best Tracks’ for ‘Eyesdontlie’

    Micachu & Tirzah : ‘I’m Not Dancing’ [Greco-Roman]
    No. 1 in Dummy’s ‘The 10 best EPs’

    Objekt : ‘Agnes Demise’ [Objekt]
    No. 27 in Resident Advisor’s ‘Top 50 Tracks’
    No. 41 in XLR8R’s ‘Best Tracks’

    Oneohtrix Point Never : ‘R Plus Seven’ [Warp Records]
    No. 1 in Bleep’s ‘Best Albums of 2013’
    No. 1 in Ele-King ‘Album of the Year’ (Japan)
    No. 3 in XLR8R’s ‘Best Releases of 2013’
    No. 3 in SPIN’s ‘20 Best Albums of 2013’
    No. 5 in Juno’s ‘Best of 2013:Top 25 Albums’
    No. 6 The Wire’s ‘Top 50 Releases’
    No. 18 in The Quietus’ ‘Albums Of The Year’
    No. 34 in FACT’s ‘The 50 Best Albums’
    No. 51 in ‘Boomkat’s Top 100 Albums’
    No. 89 in Rough Trade’s ‘Albums of 2013’
    No. 3 in Bleep’s ‘Artists of The Year’

    Stellar OM Source : ‘Joy One Mile’ [RVNG Intl]
    No. 1 in Juno’s ‘Top 25 Albums’

    The Field : ‘Cupid’s Head’ [Kompakt]
    No. 7 in Rolling Stone’s ‘20 Best Dance Albums’

    Visionist [Leisure System / Lit City Trax]
    No. 5 in Dazed & Confused ‘Best Tracks’ for ‘Pain’
    No. 6 in Dummy’s ‘The 10 best EPs’ for ‘I’m Fine’
    No. 8 in White Noise ‘Best EPs’ for ‘Shakes EP’
    No. 15 in DJ Broadcast’s ‘Best Tracks’ for ‘Shakebite’
    No. 19 in Boomkat’s ‘Top 100 Singles’ for ‘M/Secrets’

  • Objekt releases new 12″


    The eagerly awaited # 3 in Objekt 12″ series is set to be released soon. As always information is sparse, we’ve heard the tracks and believe us when we say, its been worth the wait!


  • LittleBig @ ADE with Jimmy Edgar, Objekt, Clouds, TR\\ER – Oct19

    LB ADE2

    Littlebig (in cooperation with THESE GUYS) contribute to the 2013 edition of ADE Festival with an imposing line-up that will take place at Rhone Warehouse on October 19th running from 10pm-8am.

    The showcase features a headline DJ slot from rising star Jimmy Edgar alongside blistering sets from Truss & Tessla aka TR\\ER live , Objekt b2b Call Super (6 hour set), Clouds & locals.

    Event Details & Tickets

  • Leisure System BLN 12th April with Alex Smoke, Objekt, Millennium djs.

    Another cold and dark winter in Berlin comes to an end, and a city in hibernation is awoken to the sound of lazer guns and bass drums.. Its the 18th edition of Leisure System in the Berghain mothership!

    Facebook Event Page

    After his much discussed visit for LS.13 back in 2011, we’re welcoming the return of Intergalactic Ambassador for Funk and Rhythm, aka Space Dimension Controller, aka Mr 8040, who’s sensational album ”Welcome to Microsector-50“ is about to drop on R&S Records. Teleporting directly into Panorama Bar, armed with 808, vocoder, and lazer beams, prepare yourself for one of the sexiest live shows in the Solar System.

    With a string of highly respected techno releases under his belt, Alex Smoke is nevertheless an artist that allows himself freedom across a wider, if not all encompassing sonic galaxy. We’re pleased to present his latest audio-visual project Wraetlic, working with shorter song structures and placing his contorted vocals at the forefront of his tactful production, whilst still maintaining the driving energy of his previous work. His exceptional self-titled album just dropped on Convex Industries to a glowing reception, don’t miss the Berlin debut for this very special AV show.

    At the intersection between garage, house, bass music and techno, you can hear the names 2562 and A Made Up Sound whispered in hushed tones… Whether releasing on his own label, or on the likes Tectonic, Clone, 50Weapons or Delsin, David Huismans delivers futuristic gems every time. Through his productions and as a DJ, Huismans constantly challenges his audience, pushing boundaries on the dancefloor whilst always managing to deliver the essential kick up the butt. How does he do it? We can only conclude that Dave is in fact an alien.

    Our resident kick drum administrator Sam Barker has been on the road with nd_baumecker non-stop since they released ‘Transsektoral’ together as Barker & Baumecker last year, and we’ve been lucky to steal a date to bring them back to their natural home. The stunning debut made RA’s top #10, ranked #6 in XLR8R’s albums of the year, and caught the attention of techno and electronica aficionado’s around the globe. The live set is full on analogue workout, pouring sweat while they wrestle with a pile of machines, wires, and flashing lights. Berlin appearances for the duo are kept suitably rare, so this is not to be missed!

    If that’s not enough, Greco Roman‘s newest signing Millennium (a collaboration between Finnish architect Ville Haimala and Norman Palm, one half of Renaissance Man) will be setting the scene in Berghain, along with our resident Disk Jockey and spirit guide N>E>D

    Closing proceedings we have the mighty Objekt, one of our favourite DJ’s, resident and worthy ambassador for Leisure System events around the universe… His latest split with Cosmin TRG for Bleep’s super-limited series of green 12′s adds another killer slice of dance futurism to his flawless discography.

    Panorama Bar is presented by our friends at Finest Friday, who have brought some serious talent to the table too. Beloved German duo Âme will be blasting off with their Detroit-influenced take on deep-house. Stepping up next are two youngsters on the tips of many tongues, Waze & Odyssey who made sizable waves lately with various releases on Sccucci Manucci, Body Work, Pet Food, Southern Fried, Wolf Music and MadTech Records. Finally, US house veteran and Underground Quality label boss DJ Jus-Ed will provide enough vibes to keep the whole room buzzing till sunrise and beyond.

    Mission Accomplished.

  • Objekt drops new record

    Objekt drops a new split 12″ with Cosmin TRG out on Feb 25th

    A collaborative project between, GiveUpArt and photographer Shaun Bloodworth.
    A series of limited edition vinyl releases, exploring techno music, coming soon to your local independent record store…

    more info here!

  • Objekt around the world

    Relentlessly stomping his way through 2012, TJ Hertz aka Objekt keeps smashing it on dancefloors and stages around the world with his engagingly razzy sets. Most recently on the Leisure System stage at Dimensions festival Croatia. Currently on his US tour, with a SE Asian tour December, we are now booking select shows in 2013.

  • Leisure System : Dimensions Festival 07.09.12

    We’re incredibly excited to announce our full line-up for theLeisure System stage at Dimensions FestivalJimmy Edgar,MachinedrumGold PandaObjektJon HopkinsNathan Fake (official page)Addison Groove and our residents DJ N<E<D & Puzzle will take over Pula/Croatia on September 7th. Subscribe to our newsletter to win 1×2 Tickets (worth 290€) for the whole festival: