• Nathan Fake announces new EP, Sunder

    Nathan Fake will release a brand new 4-track 12”/Digital EP “Sunder” via Ninja Tune on 23rd February 2018. The title track is available to stream/download now. Methodologically and sonically very different to his 2016 album “Providence” which was characterised by crisp, widescreen sonics and meticulous arrangements, “Sunder” is rougher, more urgent and raw and definitively more beat-oriented, but retains the same warmth and emotive character.

    “These four tracks are like snapshots captured in a single moment. They were all recorded on an old Marantz tape deck, Jupiter 6, broken Akai drum machine and a Yamaha Reface DX,” explains Nathan. “Basically just hitting record and seeing what happened, not worrying about making mistakes etc. There are no post-edits – they are left completely as they were recorded – so they’re quite messy but I love that energy.”


    Nathan Fake Live:

    20/01 Festival Electropolis 2018 at BPS22, Charleroi BE

    09/02 Génériq Festival 2018 at La Vapeur, Dijon FR

    15/02 Goa, Rome IT

    22/02 Róisín Dubh, Galway IE

    23/02 Cyprus Avenue, Cork IE

    24/02 Button Factory, Dublin IE

    23/03 Gretchen, Berlin DE

    01/04 DGTL Festival 2018 at NDSM Docklands, Amsterdam NL


  • LittleBig at ADE 2017




    Ben Frost
    20:30 – 23:00


    Jon Hopkins (DJ)
    DGTL / NDSM Werf


    03:00 – 05:00

    Tzusing (DJ)
    Reaktor @ Elementenstraat Warehouse (Room 2)
    02:00 – 03:30


    Aleksi Perala (Live)
    00:30 – 01:30

    Benjamin Damage
    De Marktkantine
    03:30 – 05:30

    De Marktkantine
    22:00 – 08:00

    Danny Daze
    NDSM Werf
    03:00 – 05:00

    Hubie Davison (DJ)
    Club Up
    04:30 – 06:00

    JoeFarr (DJ)
    De Marktkantine
    22:00 – 08:00

    Jon Hopkins (DJ)
    De Marktkantine
    22:00 – 08:00

    Max Cooper
    De Marktkantine
    22:00 – 08:00

    Nathan Fake
    De Marktkantine
    22:00 – 08:00

    Powell (DJ)
    Banlieue presents Diagonal @ ADE – Radion (Room 2)
    02:00 – 04:00

    Photay (DJ)
    De Marktkantine
    22:00 – 08:00

    Randomer (DJ)
    03:15 – 05:00

    Rival Consoles
    Het Sieraad

    Roman Lindau (DJ)
    De Marktkantine
    22:00 – 08:00

    Terr (DJ)
    De Marktkantine
    22:00 – 08:00

    Tzusing (DJ)
    Zeezout @ Undercurrent
    00:00 – 02:00


    Clouds (DJ)
    13:00 – 15:00

    Headstrong (DJ)
    05:30 – 06:45

    Max Cooper (DJ)
    Het Sieraad
    05:00 – 07:00

  • Nathan Fake releases Providence Reworks Part II

    Nathan Fake is back with the second instalment in his “Providence: Reworks” series, on this occasion celebrating the talents of Olga Wojciechowska –  a Polish composer and multi-instrumentalist whose work drifts between modern classical, experimental and electronic music – and Konx-Om-Pax who recently released his new album “Caramel” on the excellent Planet Mu label.

    “I first became aware of Olga’s music from hearing one of her tracks on a The Wire magazine covermount CD,” explains Nathan. “It really stopped me in my tracks and hit me quite emotionally so I bought her album.” The two became friends around the time that Nathan was finishing his album “Providence” and he shared it with Olga. “I can honestly admit that it awoke me from the creative block which I had been experiencing at that time,” she says. ”‘HoursDaysMonthsSeasons’ was imprinted on my memory from the first tones.”

    Additionally, Konx-Om-Pax contributes a powerful ambient rework of ‘DEGREELESSNESS’ that highlights both the beauty and sense of foreboding inherent to its revolving arpeggio. Rounding off the EP are two stellar reworks of ‘feelings 1’ and ‘REMAIN’ by Nathan himself that evolved from the liquid state in which these tracks exist in his live sets – both tougher and resolutely dancefloor-facing, but still delightfully warped in Nathan’s inimitable style.

  • Nathan Fake releases Roland/Boss Analord-inspired studio jam

    Nathan Fake unveils new production Bosky, a Roland/Boss Analord-inspired studio jam and signals Providence Reworks: Part I EP featuring Overmono Huerco S. and Olga Wojciechowska, forthcoming 11 August.

    Visuals: Flat-e

  • Nathan Fake & Clark’s BBC Radio 1 Residency

    Schermata 2017-04-04 alle 16.15.12


    On the 30th of March Nathan Fake and Clark joined the BBC Radio1 crew for a Residency that it’s not only a selection of their favorite artists and singles but it’s also mostly a captivating dialogue of their lives seen through the emerging power of music.

    If you missed it, you are still in time to catch it up, just follow the link below.

  • Nathan Fake releases podcast for Resident Advisor


    Nathan Fake’s latest podcast for Resident Advisor has been described by the UK artist as a “mixtape recorded for someone.” We can only assume that someone is a fan of classic house and tracks with an IDM twist. A mix around the midsection sums it up: Aphex Twin into Omar-S.

    Listen to it below

  • Nathan Fake announces new album, Providence

    Nathan Fake will release his fourth album “Providence” – his most personal and profoundly emotional work to date – via Ninja Tune on 10th March 2017. Crafted in the wake of a crippling two year spell of writer’s block during which he was unable to compose any music at all, the esteemed British producer describes the record “as a massive step up both in my career and in my life in general… it felt like I’d come alive again”.

    “Providence” sees the British producer collaborate with vocalists for the first time, joining forces with Prurient (aka Vatican Shadow / founder of Hospital Productions) and Raphaelle Standell-Preston from Braids. Both arose from chance meetings in Geneva and Osaka as their tour schedules crossed. Prurient contributed the heavily distorted vocal to ’DEGREELESSNESS’ – “I was a huge fan of Dominic’s [Prurient] music before we met and I love the way he situates his vocals in his productions. I really like how you can’t make out what he’s saying at all…” – whilst Raphaelle, who lends her voice to ‘RVK’, was introduced to Nathan by their mutual friend Jon Hopkins. “I deliberately kept the first half of the track instrumental and I love the way her vocal lands,” he says. “It’s quite unexpected when she starts singing.”

    “It’s the quickest album I’ve written and because of that it’s got a close thread running throughout,” says Nathan of his creative process. It also has a distinct sonic signature as a result of the producer refreshing his set-up. “I was feeling nostalgic and bought a cheap Korg Prophecy on a whim and it ended up being the backbone of the album,” he explains. “I remember reading an article in Sound On Sound back in 1995-96 and I didn’t really know much about music production then, but I remember thinking that it must be AMAZING. As it turns out, it’s actually quite crap really… It’s very hard to program, looks unimpressive, doesn’t sound great [laughs], but I recorded it through loads of different pre-amps and tape and mixers and roughed it up. I’m always intrigued by low-end gear, I like the challenge and the limitations it poses.”

    Norfolk born and bred, Nathan’s first encounters with electronic music came via the radio (hearing the likes of Aphex Twin and Orbital) and reading about the equipment that they used in magazines. This was the stimulus for him to buy some gear and begin his own sonic experiments and, linking with James Holden in 2003, Nathan’s early output came via his fledgling Border Community label. His debut album “Drowning In A Sea Of Love” (2006) was a triumphant record, drawing a rapturous reception from the likes of Pitchfork, The Guardian and Mixmag (who hailed it among the best of the year). Recording two further albums for Border Community, “Hard Islands” (2009) and “Steam Days” (2012), Nathan found himself in frantic touring mode for two years and, in this nomadic state, found it impossible to write any new music. On his return, events in his personal life intertwined with, and exacerbated, this creative block. “I didn’t write any music at all for about two years,” Nathan explains. “Overall there was roughly a three year break from writing.”

    Emerging from this extended period of inactivity with renewed vigour and lust for life, “Providence” was recorded during the first six months of 2016 in Nathan’s home studio / living room. The meaning behind the title is two-pronged: on the one hand it’s a nod to the aforementioned Korg Prophecy synth that features so heavily on the record. But on a deeper level it means “guidance or divine guidance” – not necessarily in a religious sense but more to be guided by a higher power – or more specifically to Nathan, music as therapy and a path out of a dark period in his life.

    Nathan steps out on tour taking in Australia, Europe and Japan through March and April 2017 with a brand new solo live show featuring visuals by the esteemed Matt Bateman (Flat e) who has previously worked with Jon Hopkins and LFO. The London album launch is 7th April at ICA.

  • Nathan Fake Announces DEGREELESSNESS 12″

    Debut 12″ on Ninja Tune from Nathan Fake – the British electronic ace who has previously released on James Holden’s Border Community label, Traum and most recently his own Cambria Instruments imprint.

    ‘DEGREELESSNESS’, the first music to be released from his forthcoming new album, is a collaboration with NYC resident Prurient aka Vatican Shadow (founder of the excellent Hospital Productions label) that truly lives up to the weight of expectation that a clash between these two heavyweights intimate.

    Nathan met Prurient in Brooklyn where the seed for a collaboration was sown. “Although our music probably seems pretty different from each others on the surface, I felt there was a strong link from a rhythmic and melodic standpoint, and I admired his vocal performances in his Prurient material which were both charismatic and masculine but not tiresomely so”.

    DEGREELESSNESS feat. Prurient / Now We Know released 2nd December – Ninjashop / Stream / Download

    Follow Nathan Fake –

    Spotify / Facebook / Twitter / Soundcloud

  • Leisure System : Dimensions Festival 07.09.12

    We’re incredibly excited to announce our full line-up for theLeisure System stage at Dimensions FestivalJimmy Edgar,MachinedrumGold PandaObjektJon HopkinsNathan Fake (official page)Addison Groove and our residents DJ N<E<D & Puzzle will take over Pula/Croatia on September 7th. Subscribe to our newsletter to win 1×2 Tickets (worth 290€) for the whole festival: