• Múm performs live score to silent film Menschen am Sonntag

    Founding members of múm, Örvar Smárason and Gunnar Tynes will improvise electronic music to accompany the silent film Menschen am Sonntag from the year 1930.

    Menschen am Sonntag is an often overlooked gem from 1930, a directorial debut for brothers Curt and Robert Siodmak and written by none other than Billy Wilder. Not only is the film one of the last of Germany’s silent era cinema, but it follows a weekend in the life of a group of Berliners and is a rare glimpse into the lives of young and carefree people in a city that would soon be submerged in a dark shadow.

    Múm is known for its exploratory and exuberant approach to music which can yield eclectic results. Witness to this bear their contrasting projects which range from releasing a single with Kylie Minouge to being commissioned to write a piece for the MDR Sinfonieorchester in Leipzig. múm’s latest album Smilewound was nominated for the Nordic Music Prize.

    múm – Menschen am Sonntag Trailer