• Dopplereffekt – Hayflick Limit

  • dopplereffekt – full Cellular Album

  • Dream Sequence

  • Dopplereffekt prep new album, Cellular Automata


    Dopplereffekt, the Detroit electronic duo, will release their first nine-track LP in ten years on April 7th.

    Cellular Automata is coming out in vinyl and digital formats via the Berlin-based label Leisure System. The group’s first full-length since 2007 “approaches mathematical growth and decay as an iterative process, with each data input considered individually relative to the overall model,” according to the label.

    Pre-order your copy here.


  • Self-Titled Mag Streams Rob Clouth’s Hidden Structures

    Hidden Structures

    Rob Clouth’s Hidden Structures is now available to stream in full via Self-Titled, along with a track-by-track breakdown from Rob:

    Hidden Structures came out Friday, September 18th via Leisure System and is Clouth’s third release with the Berlin-based label.



  • Rob Clouth Announces New Leisure System 12″

    Rob Clouth LSR016

    Rob Clouth’s Clockwork Atom EP was named one of the best of 2014 by Bleep, and now the Barcelona-based sonic explorer returns to Leisure System with the Deep Field 12″, featuring remixes from Kowton and Vessels.

    Check out clips from the release below. Clouth recently opened for Squarepusher at Berghain and is available for solo live and live A/V performances

  • Listen To Dopplereffekt’s “Delta Wave” on Leisure System

    LSR012 Packshot

    Dopplereffekt’s “Delta Wave,” taken from the Hypnagogia split 12″ with Objekt on Leisure System, is now available on Youtube:

    Read the 4.5/5 review of Hypnagogia on Resident Advisor

  • Rob Clouth Joins LittleBig; Listen To His Electronic Explorations Mix

    Rob Clouth

    We’re happy to announce that stunning live act and sound designer extraordinaire Rob Clouth has joined LittleBig.

    With previous releases on Traum Schallplatten and Detroit Underground as well as the recent Clockwork Atom EP on Leisure System, Rob connects the dots between glitchy IDM and artful techno, somewhere between the beautiful melodies of Jon Hopkins and the high-intensity beats of Autechre. In addition to productions under his own name, Rob previously worked under the name Vaetxh and has created multiple pieces of experimental hardware and software, as well as designing all of his own visuals.

    Rob is currently working on another release for Leisure System to be released later this year. He will play live on the Leisure System stage at this year’s Dimensions Festival alongside Special Request, DJ Stingray, and Funkinevin.

    Listen to Rob’s Electronic Explorations Mix

  • Littlebig acts score high in the critics 2013 lists

    3 rows final combine_images

    After another great year for our acts in 2013 we’re looking forward to continuing to grow and strengthen for 2014. The end of year lists contained a very strong showing from our acts, including No.1s from Jon Hopkins, Oneohtrix Point Never, and many many more. Below is an edited selection of the cream of the crop, get in touch now for festival bookings and tour dates!

    Email us at:

    65daysofstatic : ‘Wild Light’ [Superball Music]
    No. 3 in Sam Law’s (Kerrang) ‘Albums of 2013’
    No. 3 in Muzik Discovery’s ‘Top 50 Albums of 2013′
    No. 4 in Thrash Hits’ ‘Albums of 2013’
    No. 19 in Drowned In Sound’s ‘Albums of 2013’
    No. 19 in Prog Magazine’s ‘Albums of 2013’
    No. 19 in Music OMH’s ‘Albums of 2013’
    No. 23 in Rocksound Magazine’s ‘Albums of 2013’
    No. 35 in Gigwise’s ‘Albums of 2013’
    No. 78 in Louder Than War’s ‘Albums of 2013′
    Included in Gigwise’s ’32 most underrated albums of 2013′ & ’30 most beautiful covers of 2013’

    Autechre : ‘Exai’ [Warp Records]
    No. 2 in Bleep’s ‘Artists of The Year’
    No. 12 in Bleep’s ‘Best Albums’
    No. 46 in FACT’s ‘The 50 Best Albums’

    DJ Rashad [Hyperdub]
    No. 3 in Dummy’s ‘The 10 best EPs’ for ‘Rollin”
    No. 8 in Rolling Stone’s ‘20 Best Dance Albums’ for ‘Let it go’
    No. 14 in Dummy’s ‘The 20 Best Albums’ for ‘Double Cup’

    Dopplereffekt [Leisure System]
    No. 17 in Resident Advisor’s ‘Top 50 tracks’ for ’Gene Slicing’
    No. 30 in Boomkat’s ‘Top 100 Singles’ for Tetrahymena

    Fuck Buttons : ‘Slow Focus’ [ATP Recordings]
    No. 1 in The Skinny’s ‘The Albums of 2013’
    No. 3 in RollingStone’s ‘20 Best Dance Albums’
    No. 9 in Bleep’s ‘Best Albums’
    No. 34 in Rough Trade’s ‘Albums of 2013’
    No. 40 in NME’s ‘50 Best Albums’

    Jon Hopkins : ‘Immunity’ [Domino]
    No. 1 in XLR8R’s ‘Best Releases of 2013’
    No. 1 in Musicexpress ‘Record Of The Year’ (Germany)
    No. 1 in The Evening Standard’s ‘Best 10 Albums’
    No. 1 on Triple J ‘Electronic album of the year’ (Australia)
    No. 3 in Tsugi (France)
    No. 3 in NME’s ‘The Best Albums’ voted by readers.
    No. 4 in Rolling Stone’s ‘20 Best Dance Albums’
    No. 4 in Mixmag
    No. 6 in Rough Trade’s ‘Albums of 2013’
    No. 7 in Time Out
    No. 8 in Mondo Sonoro (Spain
    No. 11 in NME’s ‘50 Best Albums of 2013’
    No. 11 in The Sunday Times
    No. 13 in Groove (Germany)
    No. 14 in DJ Mag
    No. 16 in Intro (Germany)
    No. 17 in The Quietus’ ‘Albums Of 2013’
    No. 18 in Resident Advisor
    No. 24 in XLR8R’s ‘Best Tracks of 2013’
    No. 28 in NME’s ‘Best tracks of 2013’
    No. 29 in Mojo
    No. 32 in Clash
    No. 37 in The Guardian
    No. 37 on Pitchfork
    No. 16 in Resident Advisor’s ‘Top 20 Live Acts’

    Laurel Halo : ‘Chance of Rain’ [Hyperdub]
    No. 2 in Juno’s ‘Best of 2013: Top 25 Albums’
    No. 2 in The Wire’s ‘Top 50 Releases of 2013’
    No. 15 in Dummy’s ‘The 20 Best Albums of 2013’
    No. 21 in The Quietus’ ‘Albums Of 2013’
    No. 22 in Bleep’s ‘Best Albums of 2013’
    No. 36 in FACT’s ‘The 50 Best Albums’
    ‘Behind the Green Door EP’ [Hyperdub]

    No. 4 in Juno’s ‘Top 100 Tracks, EPs, and Singles’
    No. 8 in Dummy’s ‘The 10 best EPs’
    No. 15 in XLR8R’s ‘Best Releases’
    No. 46 in Resident Advisor’s ‘Top 50 tracks’ for ‘Throw’

    Leisure System
    No. 20 in Resident Advisor’s ‘Top 20 Labels of 2013’

    Machinedrum [Ninja Tune]
    No. 6 in Bleep’s ‘Artists of The Year’
    No. 16 in Bleep’s ‘Best Albums’ for ‘Vapor City’
    No. 20 in XLR8R’s ‘Best Tracks’ for ‘Eyesdontlie’

    Micachu & Tirzah : ‘I’m Not Dancing’ [Greco-Roman]
    No. 1 in Dummy’s ‘The 10 best EPs’

    Objekt : ‘Agnes Demise’ [Objekt]
    No. 27 in Resident Advisor’s ‘Top 50 Tracks’
    No. 41 in XLR8R’s ‘Best Tracks’

    Oneohtrix Point Never : ‘R Plus Seven’ [Warp Records]
    No. 1 in Bleep’s ‘Best Albums of 2013’
    No. 1 in Ele-King ‘Album of the Year’ (Japan)
    No. 3 in XLR8R’s ‘Best Releases of 2013’
    No. 3 in SPIN’s ‘20 Best Albums of 2013’
    No. 5 in Juno’s ‘Best of 2013:Top 25 Albums’
    No. 6 The Wire’s ‘Top 50 Releases’
    No. 18 in The Quietus’ ‘Albums Of The Year’
    No. 34 in FACT’s ‘The 50 Best Albums’
    No. 51 in ‘Boomkat’s Top 100 Albums’
    No. 89 in Rough Trade’s ‘Albums of 2013’
    No. 3 in Bleep’s ‘Artists of The Year’

    Stellar OM Source : ‘Joy One Mile’ [RVNG Intl]
    No. 1 in Juno’s ‘Top 25 Albums’

    The Field : ‘Cupid’s Head’ [Kompakt]
    No. 7 in Rolling Stone’s ‘20 Best Dance Albums’

    Visionist [Leisure System / Lit City Trax]
    No. 5 in Dazed & Confused ‘Best Tracks’ for ‘Pain’
    No. 6 in Dummy’s ‘The 10 best EPs’ for ‘I’m Fine’
    No. 8 in White Noise ‘Best EPs’ for ‘Shakes EP’
    No. 15 in DJ Broadcast’s ‘Best Tracks’ for ‘Shakebite’
    No. 19 in Boomkat’s ‘Top 100 Singles’ for ‘M/Secrets’

  • JETS Releasing “Midas Touch” with Jamie Lidell on Leisure System

    JETS + Jamie Lidell

    Marking only the second release from their JETS collaboration, Jimmy Edgar and Machinedrum will release a limited 12″ of the classic “Midas Touch” on Leisure System January 27th, 2014, featuring vocals from the inimitable Jamie Lidell.

    Listen to Machinedrum’s version of the JETS cover below:

  • Hubie Davison debut EP on Leisure System, out 4th Nov.

    Hubie Davison_I won't be there_Artwork-Draft-93013

    Hubie Davison makes his artist debut on Leisure System with the I Won’t Be There EP, an expansive collection of lush, interplanetary house that is at once vaguely exotic and completely entrancing.

    Hailing from Ireland and previously studying music composition in London, Davison synthesizes the emotive melodicism of artists like John Talabot and Caribou with the bare grooviness of Nicolas Jaar, incorporating phantasmagorical vocal samples into a refined instrumental palette. I Won’t Be There is an ethereal listening experience, with tracks developing from calm restraint to exhilarating peaks. Whether it’s the gentle rainstorm that introduces “Mannequin Move,” the gauzy hollers of “Yeh Sai,” or the pulsing piano chords and swollen bass of standout opener “I Won’t Be There,” Davison has a fully-formed feel for mellow grooves, while the thumping, floor-ready Dayvision Rework of “I Won’t Be There” should be getting played out at Panorama Bar for months to come.

    Whether soundtracking end-of-summer romance or warming a winter chill, moving dance floors or soothing after-hour comedowns, I Won’t Be There is a thrilling debut from an exciting young artist we’re proud to have join the Leisure System family.

    Hubie Davison – I Won’t Be There EP
    Available as high quality download in all popular digital stores November 4th, 2013.

    1. I Won’t Be There
    2. Haven
    3. Mannequin Move
    4. Yeh Sai
    5. No Shirt, No Shoes
    6. I Won’t Be There (Dayvision Rework)

  • Tim Exile Announces First Release in Four Years on Leisure System

    It’s been four years since Tim Exile’s last release, but the analog warrior never stopped his ferociously futuristic experimentation, whether collaborating with evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins, improvising presentations at TED Global 2013, or performing as Mostly Robot with Jamie Lidell. Tim has become more relaxed about music these days following releases on Warp and Planet Mu, diving deep into refined techno without sacrificing fun. Exile’s new EP on Leisure System gathers three stunning improvised instrumental club bangers from the churning assembly line of his mind, prickly synth adventures with all the glorious bombast expected from dueling intergalactic battleships. The Harmuni EP represents a new chapter for Tim Exile as he returns to his club roots. Nobody is safe. Grab your subwoofer and pray.

    Tim Exile - LSR006

    Harmuni EP

    1. Harmuni

    2. 31022013

    3. Quander

    Available in all online digital shops August 19, 2013

    Listen to a clip of “Quander” below

  • Dopplereffekt to release EP on Leisure System + Tim Exile, Visionist & more

    We are very proud to announce that our brothers over at the Leisure System Records will release the first Dopplereffekt music for 6 years.

    Our main man Ned Beckett gave an interview to FACTMAG revealing the release plan for 2013 which will see EP releases from Visionist, Tim Exile, Kommune 1, Hubie Davison and of course the mighty Dopplereffekt. You can read the interview over on the FACT site HERE.

    LS resident Puzzle provides a killer mix showcasing alot of this new material :: [tracklisting below]

    FACT also ran more news regarding the Dopplereffekt in these two pieces >

    Gerald Donald’s Dopplereffekt to release first record since 2007

    A Beginner’s Guide to…Gerald Donald, lynchpin of Drexciya, Dopplereffekt and more


    The new Dopplereffekt Live AV show is confirmed to appear at these shows :

    20/06/2013 Innsbruck @ Heart Of Noise
    13/07/2013 Novi Sad, Serbia @ Exit Festival
    10/08/2013 Berlin @ Suicide Circus
    06/09/2013 Pula, Croatia @ Dimensions Festival
    12/10/2013 Bristol @ Simple Things
    08/11/2013 Moscow @ Solyanka
    09/11/2013 St Petersburg @ Kuryokhin


    Puzzle Upstairs / Downstairs summer LS mix:

    Visionist – Cant Forget
    Teeth – Naomi XX
    Kowton – TFB
    D Maliice vs Kowton – Gabryellisous
    Kommune 1 – Kronos (Leisure System)
    Paula Temple – Colonized (R&S)
    Jimmy Edgar – Hot Inside (UltraMajic)
    Jon Hopkins – Open Eye Signal (Domino)
    Tim Exile – Harmuni (Leisure System)
    MachineDrum – Clissold VIP (Astrophonica)
    Teeth – Black Thigh Shakes VIP
    Visionist – Snakes (Leisure System)
    Visionist – Poison (Leisure System)
    Rustie – Triadzz (Numbers)
    Jackson – Vista / Hudson Mohawke remix (Warp)
    Cakes Da Killa – Goodie Goodies
    Angel Haze – Werkin Girls (Republic records)
    Kuedo – Work, Live & Sleep In Collapsing Space (Planet Mu)
    Hubie Davison – Yeh Sai 13 (Leisure System)
    SZA – Euphraxia

  • Leisure System & Ostgut Ton – Moscow Showcase 8th May

    Leisure System and Ostgut Ton join forces once more on the 8th of May at Arma 17, Moscow, with an unbelievably tasty line up.

    Resident Advisor

  • Leisure System Rinse FM Show – listen / download.

     The Leisure System crew just returned from London after shaking the city to the ground by depositing tonnes of new music over the airwaves of Rinse FM and at the XOYO show.

    Hosted by N>E>D the show features pure dubs, unreleased gems and hot mixes from JIMMY EDGAR and DISCIPLINE. They also announce the newest signing to the label Hubie Davison and preview a few tunes from him via his mini mix.

    The Xoyo show on 8th Feb saw stunning sets from all – next up is Berlin @ Berghain on 12th April 2013.

    London Flyer here > jees.. what a night..

    Leisure System: Jets [Machinedrum x Jimmy Edgar] at XOYO

    Leisure System: Jets [Machinedrum x Jimmy Edgar] at XOYO


  • Leisure System returns to London with JETS and more

    After two successful events, Leisure System finally returns to London for a mind-blowing megablaster at XOYO. New talents and familiar faces will rock both dancefloors, and wait… did we mention the  JETS debut UK live show?

    On Friday the 8th of February, Leisure System and XOYO will present JETS. After 12 years of friendship and career parallels, Machinedrum and Jimmy Edgar’s pairing was inevitable. As they now both take up full-time residencies in Berlin their collaboration has reached a forceful head. Taking recognisable elements of electronic dance music and transforming them into something altogether new, the result is more than the sum of its parts reflecting the duo’s eccentric and distinctive personalities.

    Alongside the majestic duo, Letherette, Akkord, Dawn Day Night, Visionist, Kommune1, Hubie Davidson,  and Discipline of the Leisure System family will make the night an unforgettable one.



    Leisure System: Jets [Machinedrum x Jimmy Edgar] at XOYO

    Be sure to grab your tickets before they are gone!

  • JETS (Jimmy Edgar + Machinedrum) EP on Leisure System. Listen

    Leisure System; the collective, label and 4-year long famed Berghain party is back with a very special fourth addition to its catalogue: the inaugural release from JETS – a project which pairs two of dance music’s most eccentric and distinctive personalities, Jimmy Edgar and Travis Stewart (aka Machine Drum).

    Having been friends for over 12 years, it was inevitable that a project like this would finally come into being. After living in New York, touring Japan together and now taking full time residency in Berlin, the first JETS EP marks the culmination of roughly four years of staggered yet perpetual collaboration between the duo. Taking recognisable elements of electronic dance music and subtly transforming them into something altogether new, the result is more than the sum of its parts.

    The alignment of both celebrated producers’ music as one creates something altogether new and yet, at the same time, ultimately familiar. Weaving its way intricately into the multi-textured fabric of sounds is the undeniable presence of Edgar’s electro-funk soul whilst Machinedrum’s idiosyncratic syncopated rhythms and stuttered drum clacks jack and roughen the edges.

    In a recent interview with FACT magazine, the pair admitted that on this EP, “there’s a sense of where we’ve been, what we’ve come to, and everything in between.” Be part of the journey.

  • Leisure System : Dimensions Festival 07.09.12

    We’re incredibly excited to announce our full line-up for theLeisure System stage at Dimensions FestivalJimmy Edgar,MachinedrumGold PandaObjektJon HopkinsNathan Fake (official page)Addison Groove and our residents DJ N<E<D & Puzzle will take over Pula/Croatia on September 7th. Subscribe to our newsletter to win 1×2 Tickets (worth 290€) for the whole festival:


  • LeisureSystem.16 feat. Factory Floor, Kuedo, Joy O, Levon Vincent, DJ Qu, The Hacker, Lazer Sword


    Berghain | Panorama Bar | 20.07.2012 | Einlass: 23:30 Uhr / Doors: 23:30 | Nur Abendkasse / box office only | Eintritt ab 18 Jahre / x-rated

    Das Line-up der 16. Ausgabe von Leisure System braucht sich auch hinter manch ambitioniertem Festival nicht verstecken: Abenteuer, Gefahr und Schönheit – alles in einer Nacht. Die dreiköpfige britische Band Factory Floor zum Beispiel ist zur Zeit eines der spannendsten Acts auf DFA. Ihre Musik beschrieb der NME ganz treffend als »Post-Industrial, but it moves beyond that. This is post-apocalyptic, the soundtrack of an underworld-disco«. Wo, wenn nicht im Berghain, könnte ihr Sound besser aufgehoben sein?

    Eine Weltpremiere ist der Live-Act von Kuedo, der dafür mit dem Visual-Künstlerkollektiv MFO kooperiert hat. Den Live-Spaß rundet der Monkeytown-Act Lazer Sword mit seiner Bass-lastigen Post-everything Dancefloor Musik ab, und auch die DJs haben ordentlich Pfeffer in der Hose: The Hacker mit seinem Neo-Rave Hooverbasssound und natürlich die Leisure System Residents. Zeitgleich in der Panorama Bar: Classic House, UK Bass, Romantic Techno – eine musikalische Reise mit den Koordinaten New York, London, Berlin. Krass.

    23:30 h – 02:00 h Puzzle
    02:00 h – 03:00 h Kuedo LIVE
    03:00 h – 03:45 h N>E>D
    03:45 h – 04:45 h Factory Floor LIVE
    04:45 h – 06:30 h The Hacker
    06:30 h – 07:30 h Lazer Sword LIVE
    07:30 h – End Barker

    Panorama Bar:
    23:59 h – 03:30 h DJ Qu
    03:30 h – 06:00 h Levon Vincent
    06:00 h – 09:00 h Joy Orbison
    09:00 h – End Oskar Offermann & Edward

    Facebook event