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  • J.E.T.S. – New EP ‘The Chants’ Out Now

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    J.E.T.S. sophomore official release, their highly anticipated debut on ULTRAMAJIC see’s the two artists display an approach to production that deals in the paradoxes and ambiguities of both studio songwriting and raw live performance; a somewhat soothing amalgamation of disproportion. But also weirdly right, evident that despite Edgar and Stewart’s careers sharing striking parallels, they have know each other for…well forever. 

    The 4-track EP reassembles a long-scattered sketchbook of songwriting confidence that the pair have filled with drawings of cosmic rhythms, experimental sounds and other analogue obsessions.

    “Our first record was more of us finding out space and creating a new environment of sound to work with.  This release was much more about exploring the building of our creation”

    “U-N-I’s’” colour and pallor coming as much from the soulful palette of Jamie Liddell’s vocal performance as the dirty turps the pair washed their synthetic brushes in.

    J.E.T.S. production finesse, awash with a delicate nocturnal mood as analogue drums meet colorful chords against a nightscape of glossy darkness.

    We spent a lot of time on the sounds, which were mostly from digital hardware sources.  We also focused on the recording process more than ever, as we mixed the record on mastering equipment and experimented with bouncing parts onto tape.

    The sounds that often many attribute to Jimmy or Travis as solo artists are slowly transpiring to be the opposite, their respective contrasting styles not only behaving with vibrant influence over one another but in turn establishing an exciting benchmark in electronic music songwriting.

    Also check out J.E.T.S. in this Mix Mag and Resident Advisor feature.

  • JETS Releasing “Midas Touch” with Jamie Lidell on Leisure System

    JETS + Jamie Lidell

    Marking only the second release from their JETS collaboration, Jimmy Edgar and Machinedrum will release a limited 12″ of the classic “Midas Touch” on Leisure System January 27th, 2014, featuring vocals from the inimitable Jamie Lidell.

    Listen to Machinedrum’s version of the JETS cover below:

  • JETS, filmed live at Taicoclub 13, Japan

    Alongside their solo endeavours, Machinedrum and Jimmy Edgar combine forces as JETS, performing at key festivals and events across the globe. Following extensive coverage and appearances for Boiler Room, FACT and Leisure System, check out their most recent recording at Japan’s illustrious Taicoclub 13 below.

  • Leisure System & Ostgut Ton – Moscow Showcase 8th May

    Leisure System and Ostgut Ton join forces once more on the 8th of May at Arma 17, Moscow, with an unbelievably tasty line up.

    Resident Advisor

  • Jimmy Edgar + Derrick May – We Love… Detroit tour & compilation

    After a busy 2012 with his Majenta Live show touring the world, Jimmy Edgar is preparing for another intense year this time playing slamming house / techno DJ sets packed with his new tunes & edits.

    The We Love… Detroit compilation with Derrick May was released by the lovely people at We Love.

    Catch Jimmy & Derrick across Europe all spring & summer as they weave their way towards the We Love.. Space mega rave. There are just a couple of remaining June dates were they are available to play together…. 22.06 & 29.06

    Jimmy has plenty of other shows too both solo DJ sets & JETs live sets at festivals through summer.




    CD1 Derrick May
    1. John Beltran – Synaptic Transmission
    2. Yotam Avni – Pentimento
    3. Petar Dundov – Distant Shores4. KiNK – Hand Made (Dub mix)
    5. Kai Alce – Power Thru Pt 3 (Mush’s Sax Dub)
    6. Deep’A & Biri – Hova
    7. Carl Craig – Sandstorms
    8. Federico Grazzini – Nova
    9. Benny Rodrigues – It’s A Spiritual Thing
    10. Andres – New For U

    CD 2 Jimmy Edgar
    1. Jimmy Edgar – Let Yrself Be
    2. Lando Kai – Clockin’
    3. Jimmy Edgar – Semierotic
    4. Magda – Late Night Woodward
    5. Kyle Hall & Kero- Zug Island
    6. Coyote Clean Up – Mount Babe Bricks
    7. Noel Jackson – That You Love Me
    8. Darling Farah – Body
    9. Magic Touch feat. N Dawson – Niks Groove
    10. Kris Wadsworth – Connection
    11. Axiom Crux – When Summer Doesn’t Come

  • Leisure System returns to London with JETS and more

    After two successful events, Leisure System finally returns to London for a mind-blowing megablaster at XOYO. New talents and familiar faces will rock both dancefloors, and wait… did we mention the  JETS debut UK live show?

    On Friday the 8th of February, Leisure System and XOYO will present JETS. After 12 years of friendship and career parallels, Machinedrum and Jimmy Edgar’s pairing was inevitable. As they now both take up full-time residencies in Berlin their collaboration has reached a forceful head. Taking recognisable elements of electronic dance music and transforming them into something altogether new, the result is more than the sum of its parts reflecting the duo’s eccentric and distinctive personalities.

    Alongside the majestic duo, Letherette, Akkord, Dawn Day Night, Visionist, Kommune1, Hubie Davidson,  and Discipline of the Leisure System family will make the night an unforgettable one.



    Leisure System: Jets [Machinedrum x Jimmy Edgar] at XOYO

    Be sure to grab your tickets before they are gone!

  • JETS – FACT Mix #358

    Following the release of their debut EP on ‘Leisure System’, Jimmy Edgar and Travis Stewart deliver an exclusive mix for Fact Magazine, absolutely rammed with exclusives, forthcomings and remixes. A potent taster of what’s to come next year.

    JETS are now taking select bookings for 2013, with two shows confirmed for the Leisure System collective this year in Barcelona & Berlin, with a London show to be announced very soon.


  • JETS (Jimmy Edgar + Machinedrum) EP on Leisure System. Listen

    Leisure System; the collective, label and 4-year long famed Berghain party is back with a very special fourth addition to its catalogue: the inaugural release from JETS – a project which pairs two of dance music’s most eccentric and distinctive personalities, Jimmy Edgar and Travis Stewart (aka Machine Drum).

    Having been friends for over 12 years, it was inevitable that a project like this would finally come into being. After living in New York, touring Japan together and now taking full time residency in Berlin, the first JETS EP marks the culmination of roughly four years of staggered yet perpetual collaboration between the duo. Taking recognisable elements of electronic dance music and subtly transforming them into something altogether new, the result is more than the sum of its parts.

    The alignment of both celebrated producers’ music as one creates something altogether new and yet, at the same time, ultimately familiar. Weaving its way intricately into the multi-textured fabric of sounds is the undeniable presence of Edgar’s electro-funk soul whilst Machinedrum’s idiosyncratic syncopated rhythms and stuttered drum clacks jack and roughen the edges.

    In a recent interview with FACT magazine, the pair admitted that on this EP, “there’s a sense of where we’ve been, what we’ve come to, and everything in between.” Be part of the journey.

  • Machinedrum – Jimmy Edgar & Azealia Banks collaborations

    On top of working on his follow up album to highly praised 2011 album ‘Room(s)’, Travis has been busy with a highly anticipated collaborative project with Jimmy Edgar under the guise ‘JETS’. In the run up, his 2011 release on LuckyMe was utilised by Aeaizia Banks’ latest track ‘Van Vogue’, check it out below: