Heith is the alias of Daniele Guerrini, artist and musician based in Milan. During recent years he investigated sound in different directions, from rave music to ambient and electroacoustic, also incorporating the influence of different instances of traditional folk music and ritual music with a particular focus on ineffable languages, mysticism and science fiction speculations. He is the founder of the experimental music label Haunter Records, one of the main outlets for underground electronic music in Italy since 2013, and formerly was a curator of Milan’s legendary space, Macao.

Heith is an outlet for the exploration of sound’s textural qualities, shaping harmonics into compositions evoking spiritual impulses and ancestral visions. A large use of sound design combined with several acoustic instruments and disorientating rhythms makes his music a unique combination of genres and styles in a contemporary ritualistic forms.

In October 2022 the LP ‘X, wheel’, his accomplished artistic statement to date, was released by PAN with the live AV show ft. drummer Jacopo Battaglia (of the band ZU), guitarist Leonardo Rubboli, and visual studio DECLINO, premiering at Unsound to much acclaim. As described by DAZED, ‘X, wheel’, “transports listeners into a digital otherworld where strange and unfamiliar sounds are rendered in odd frequencies that feel familiar yet alien, situated in both the faraway future and a distant past.” For the Wire Magazine “X, wheel is an unusual, spellbinding record on which Heith forges a distinctive musical persona out of disparate sound worlds.”