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  • Gazelle Twin shares Glory video

    ‘Glory’, from the album ‘Pastoral’ by Gazelle Twin. Out now on Anti-Ghost Moon Ray.

    CREDITS: Director: Tash Tung Producer: Femi Anderson PM: Adam Logan DoP: Lee Thomas 1st AD: Rob Akin Focus Puller: Jon England 2nd AC: Maggie Stanaszek Drone Op: Ed Stone Gaffer: Jack Hamilton DIT: Katrina Tung Runner: James Barrett Driver: Kaivalya Brewerton

    With thanks to: Bradley at The Original Tea Hut, Epping Forest Jan & Jim Emmyland Ltd. Starring: Crispian Belfrage Gazelle Twin Fiona Fletcher Teri Varhol Earl Wan Chris Thomas Femi Anderson

  • Gazelle Twin shares new Hobby Horse video

    4:3 is proud to present Gazelle Twin’s ‘Hobby Horse’ from new album, Pastoral, out on 21 September on Anti-Ghost Moon Ray.

  • Gazelle Twin announces album, Pastoral


    “Bound to shake your walls and rattle your windows” Max Reinhardt, BBC RADIO 3
    “The first bit of evidence that Elizabeth Bernholz’s next album Pastoral – due out in September – could be her best to date”. THE QUIETUS
    “Will likely be one of the year’s very best records.” CLASH 

    “What species is this?
    What century?”

    Forged in a rural idyll in Middle-England, the new album Pastoral, by Gazelle Twin, exhumes England’s rotten past, and shines a torch over its ever-darkening present.

    Told through a troupe of multi-gender voices, in vernaculars old and new; from the shrill echo of folksong to tabloid-tinged jaunts, the artist aka Elizabeth Bernholz, presents the notion that “there is horror in every idyll, and danger lurking beyond the “quaint” ”. The village square – once host to centuries of public torture – becomes a floral framed postcard, dolled-up for the Summer Fête. A sunny, afternoon walk over the hills unsettles a cloud of angry flies feeding from unidentifiable remains. Bigoted vitriol gently murmurs amidst tearoom chatter, as the neatly framed pastoral picture dissolves into a solemn ennui.

    Four years in the making, amidst life-changing events, including a move far out of the city, Pastoral will be the first major release by the artist since her widely acclaimed LP UNFLESH (2014, Anti-Ghost Moon Ray) and is seamlessly on-theme, together with Bernholz’s J.G. Ballard-inspired A/V show ’Kingdom Come’ (soundtrack released November 2017, Anti-Ghost Moon Ray) – a fascism-infused hellscape, this time set in deepest Old England.

    As its sole creator, Gazelle Twin “The Composer, Musician and Producer” has crafted an album overflowing with a frenzy of traditional and contemporary musical tropes; from early music instrumentation – the harpsichord and the humble recorder, fed through myriad electronics – to the compelling, ritualistic application of found sample-looping. Beyond Bernholz’s signature choral-infusions, here reverberating like a warped Sunday Service, there are even shades of ‘90s house and the once-thriving rural rave scene, albeit recalled as a watery, second-hand memory. In its consummation it is an album that feels pan-century, even pan-species.

    Set against a verdant backdrop of hedgerows and steeples, Gazelle Twin “The Artist and Performer”, constructs an eccentric and commanding visual embodiment of all-of-the-above – a costume fit for a court Jester of the 21st Century. The colours of Neo-Nationalism. Coke cans, and DANGER. “It” (not “she”) hints at folkloric traditions with a footy mascot twist. The “Ye Olde” and “The Everyman” of the English cliché. Brandishing a sneer and a hobby horse. A riddle and a recorder. A jeer and a square dance in red, Adidas Gazelle’s, and a mad, fixed GRIN – first glimpsed in the single, ‘Hobby Horse’ (22 June, Anti-Ghost Moon Ray).

    A deranged, absurd reflection of deranged and absurd times.


    Pastoral is released on 21 September 2018, on Anti-Ghost Moon Ray (cat number AGMR035), and is gratefully supported through the PRS Foundation Momentum Fund.




  • Gazelle Twin announces new single, Hobby Horse

    “I want to get the fuck out of here NOW” – is the panic-stricken sentiment behind Gazelle Twin’s searing new single, ‘Hobby Horse’ – serving up the first lick of her latest album ‘PASTORAL’ to be released on 21 September 2018. The single compliments a hotly-tipped premiere and headlining performance at Supersonic Festival, in Birmingham, on 23 June.

    HOBBY HORSE’s rousing and mantra-like spoken style – first heard in the body-dysmorphia inspired album UNFLESH (2014) and later in her touring A/V live show ‘KINGDOM COME’ – this time accompanies crazed galloping, incoherent, angry stadium chanting and eerie high-pitched howls. 

    The heavily cinematic B-side ‘DEEP ENGLAND’, spotlights and upturns a very English form of nostalgia as Bernholz croons “My silver cloud, My retail park, My cul de sac, My England”.

    In-keeping with her ever-morphing performance persona Gazelle Twin is now clad in red and white, head to toe. The colours of a familiar flag. A nod to deep and recent history; A jester-come-morris dancer. A post-pagan hooligan, riding its Hobby Horse or conjuring terror with its pipe. Like a modern-day Commedia Dell’Arte characature, she reveals the madness and violence of “ye olde” traditions slammed within contemporary cliches.

    “PASTORAL is an album about growing up in Britain, looking back at how it all ended up like this, and experiencing provincial life in a political and cultural climate where I would rather be anywhere else…”

    HOBBY HORSE is released on 22 June, 2018, on the artist’s own label, Anti-Ghost Moon Ray.


    22 June 2018
    Anti-Ghost Moon Ray

    CAT no.AGMR034

  • Gazelle Twin releases new album Kingdom Come

    Gazelle Twin has released a studio album featuring original music from the A/V show ‘Kingdom Come for Two Vocalists’, originally commissioned by Future Everything Festival, 2016, currently on tour.

    Bandcamp version of this release includes unpublished images from the Kingdom Come live show at Brixton Electric, London, 2016.

    The Kingdom Come live show is performed by Jez Bernholz (BERNHOLZ), Natalie Sharp (Lone Taxidermist) and Stuart Warwick, with films by Chris Turner and Tash Tung.

    Live dates:

  • Gazelle Twin: Kingdom Come : An audiovisual performance for 2 vocalists

    Following on from Gazelle Twin’s widely acclaimed Unflesh LP and world tour, her latest project – audiovisual live show, Kingdom Come is inspired by J.G Ballard’s final novel, and explores tribalism, social conditioning and fascism in the contemporary suburban and consumer landscape.

    Gazelle Twin – The Suburbs Dream Of Violence (Kingdom Come) from Gazelle Twin on Vimeo.

    Originally commissioned by Future Everything Festival in 2016 (UK), the performance features two vocalists on treadmills, silhouetted against an episodic series of mesmerising and violent short films created by British filmmakers Chris Turner and Tash Tung. With rising acts of terrorism and the political far right across Europe, it makes an uncanny social commentary for the present day, and is a chilling reminder of Ballard’s prophetic writing.


    ‘not a word is uttered by the audience, as it is completely captivating’ Drowned In Sound at Sonar Festival, ES 2016
    ‘one of the weekend’s highlights’ Resident Advisor at Rewire Festival, NL 2016.
    ‘absolutely incredible. Thy will be done.’ The Quietus at Sonar Festival, ES 2016
    ‘even more strange and glorious than expected’ Louder Than War at Future Everything Festival, UK 2016



    Music and Concept by Gazelle Twin

    Films by Chris Turner & Tash Tung
    Performed by: Jez Bernholz, Natalie Sharp, Stuart Warwick

    Originally commissioned by Future Everything Festival (UK) 2016.

  • Welcome to LittleBig : Gazelle Twin

    We are delighted to welcome Gazelle Twin to the LittleBig family!

    Gazelle Twin is the moniker for performance artist, composer and producer Elizabeth Bernholz. Her conceptual albums present dystopian themes through unconventional electronic production and extraordinary live performances which feature changing personas.

    FutureEverything 2016: Gazelle Twin – Kingdom Come – An audiovisual performance for two vocalists from FutureEverything on Vimeo.

    Her widely acclaimed second album ‘UNFLESH’ (Anti-Ghost Moon Ray/Last Gang, September 2014) was a personal yet visceral depiction of puberty, phobia, gender identity told through a spectrum of choral voices and spoken word, backed by unrelenting industrial-pop production. The accompanying live show toured internationally from 2013 – 2015 during a period which established her place as an innovator in contemporary electronic music.

    Gazelle Twin’s latest project, live show, Kingdom Come is inspired by J.G Ballard’s final novel, and explores tribalism, social conditioning and fascism in the contemporary suburban and consumer landscape. Commissioned by Future Everything Festival 2016 (Manchester, UK), the audio-visual performance features two vocalists on treadmills, set against a series of films and animated text by regular collaborators Chris Turner and Tash Tung.

  • Gazelle Twin – Belly Of The Beast

  • Gazelle Twin: Kingdom Come – An Audio-Visual Performance for Two Vocalists

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