Frank Wiedemann and Mathew Jonson

What started as a spontaneous session during an earlier edition of the renowned Sacred Ground festival has now turned into an official labour of love – one that’s not only based on mutual respect and admiration for the skill-set and profound musical knowledge the other puts on display, but on the endless possibilities that emerge once you stop serving to specific constraints and expectations people tend to link to your name.

As soon as Frank Wiedemann and Mathew Jonson are facing each other on stage something magical is happening, a free-floating musical beast based on improvisation and triggered by the sheer love to create an experience – for the audience and themselves – detached from peak time clubland, release schedules and the limitations of distinctive scenes. It’s a new chapter of music for the masses that feels equally at home on any festival’s stage as it does in the rather intimate surrounding of a gallery space.

Frank Wiedemann: It took us only an instant to figure out that we really like to share the stage together. The reason why it took quite a while to make this an official project though is that we finally feel mature enough to let it happen.

Mathew Jonson: The great thing about playing with Frank is that our musical tastes are very similar but different enough to explore places which we wouldn’t necessarily visit by ourselves.

(Sven Fortmann, June 2021)