• Emmanuel ‘HATE Podcast’

  • Emmanuel ARTS V Mix

  • Emmanuel 1 hour set cut from Poznan

    Check an hour set cut from Emmanuel’s performance from Projekt Lab, Poznan in September 2016.

  • Emmanuel releases joint label EP with ‘Man Worships Power’ on Enemy Records vs ARTS

    ‘Man Worships Power’ is the new joint release from Enemy Records & ARTS, with the two label bosses Dustin Zahn & Emmanuel putting out some of their strongest work to date. Each artist has chosen the others 2 tracks featuring on the EP. This is the first in a line of joint releases from the 2 techno labels run by the two artists.

    Emmanuels contributions ‘Cargo’ and ‘Contrane’ have both been getting early support, with the likes of Ben Klock, Rodhad & DVS1 amongst the names to be playing them out regularly. Both strong dancefloor workouts, you can check ‘Cargo’ & ‘Contrane’ below:
  • Emmanuel releases on ARTS & Monnom Black

    ‘Mentality’ is Emmanuel’s newest dancefloor workout that has been doing the rounds for a while now and is certainly hard hitting, as is expected of his productions nowadays. A welcome return to his own label ARTS after releasing a host of strong EP’s from other artists over the course of this year.

    The title track is finding it’s way into a lot of DJ’s sets currently with the likes of Rodhad and DVS1 giving it full support. The B side ‘Scenario’ is a more restrained track and showcases the deeper side of his production. Check the video for ‘Mentality’ here:



    With the release of ‘Vyper’ on Dax J’s UK label Monnom Black following swiftly after the ARTS release it’s a really strong end to 2014 for Emmanuel who started the year with his release on Deeply Rooted House aswell as Enemy Records in the Summer. Here previews of the new EP here:



    To round things off nicely we’ve got a fast paced hour long podcast from Emmanuel on Modular Expansions to check out here, full of new and unreleased tracks to get stuck into…. Great stuff from him here once again:


  • Emmanuel returns to Enemy Records with ‘Rust’ EP



    For Emmanuel’s return to Enemy Records with ‘Rust’, he has maintained the high energy of his debut EP, ‘Limits’, on Dustin Zahn’s Berlin based Record label. In addition to the driving techno of the first EP, this one shows a different side to the Sri Lankan born producers pallet aswell as a return to the artists signature club work-outs in the EP’s title track, ‘Rust’.

    After the huge success of his release on Deeply Rooted House in April of this year, combined with his recent performances at Berghain, Tresor and Razzmatazz, Emmanuel continues to go from strength to strength in his productions and performances.

    Check out the EP title track ‘Rust’ here: