• Lisa Morgenstern announces debut album + single

    Lisa Morgenstern announces the release of her forthcoming debut album ‘Chameleon’ with new single ‘Answers’ (out February 22nd).

    With her debut album ‘Chameleon’ (scheduled for release in April) Bulgarian/German pianist, singer and composer Lisa Morgenstern finds herself taking dramatic strides to expand her range, marching her far-sighted approach to both snyths and piano with her background in classical music. Recorded in collaboration with Berlin based Argentinian producer Sebastian Plano the songs showcase her extraordinary octave-spanning voice that combines expressive elegant piano instrumentals, baroque synth-pop and atmospheric electronica.

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    ‘Answers’ is the first track taken from the album – Lisa Morgenstern details it here:

    “Sometimes it is not so easy to be honest with yourself or with the people who trust you. Many answers to a question can be the truth and a lie at the same time. At certain moments I can feel that there is not just one spirit in my head. I think there are many of them with different opinions, different needs and different moods. Everyone knows that on bad days your mind changes your view in a pessimistic direction. But that’s not really what I mean. It’s more than that and it’s certainly not always negative to see many horizons. For example, you can easily empathise with different people and adapt to many situations, but, it can also drive you crazy when you adjust to the wrong people. You might get insecure about who you are, what you want and what is good for you – then, it is easy for the demons to win, to act destructively, in many ways, and to lose control.

    That was the case back then when I wrote this song, and I very much blamed myself for my mistakes. Now though, I have, most of the time, found a way to avoid this confusion, and to accept the fact that there are actually people who care a lot about me and that life can be good, if I let it.”


    LISA MORGENSTERN ‘Answers’ First single from debut LP releases February 22nd

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