Unbelievable Truth

Formed in 1993 in Oxford, England, Unbelievable Truth quickly emerged as a prominent force in the vibrant 90s British indie music scene. The band showcased a distinctive musical identity characterised by poetic, evocative lyrics and powerful melodies.

Unbelievable Truth’s debut album, “Almost Here,” released in 1998 to UK chart success, introduced the world to their individual English take on REM’s Automatic For The People-era classic songwriting, the quirky individuality of Throwing Muses and the ambient dynamics of late Talk Talk. With standout tracks such as top 40 hits “Higher Than Reason” and “Solved”, the album received widespread praise for its poignant songwriting.

The follow-up, ”sorrythankyou”, arrived in 2000, exploring deeper emotional territories, delving into themes of love, loss, and self-discovery – but with occasional hints of claustrophobia and frustration that made for a sometimes more challenging listening experience.

Unbelievable Truth’s music reached the hearts of fans and fellow musicians alike. Andy Yorke, Nigel Powell and Jason Moulster combined to create atmospheric arrangements, a powerful emotional connection and a mood that was at once both profoundly melancholy and strongly uplifting. Despite their split in 2000, Unbelievable Truth’s influence on the British indie music landscape endures, and their songs continue to resonate with listeners.