• Jacques Greene ‘Ready’ EP out now, announced as The Warehouse Project resident, touring this Fall

    Jacques Greene keeps it coming with his second EP this year, ‘Ready’, on Martyn’s label 3024. Already garnering “Best New Music” on Pitchfork, check it out here.

    From 3024’s press release: Lead track ‘Ready’ made it’s debut on Martyn’s Essential mix earlier in the year and the ensuing months of low res Youtube play have failed to tarnish what begins supremely understated. Shuffling breaks and aquatic subs support staggered wood blocks before a serrated ascending acid line helps the arrangement flare into a storming 4×4 pattern, sporadically lit up by that increasingly frayed acid melody until caving in on itself and rattling off into the distance. By contrast ‘Prism’ makes it’s true intentions clear immediately, a metronomic pulse in place as soon as the track opens, quickly joined by enveloping Energy Flash plates of bass and signalling the tracks arrival proper. A wisp of night flight melody snakes it’s way over the surface, partnered with a secondary hook’s wordless androgyny and what was monolithic bass shifts up into an altogether more limber pattern as a competing vocal presence and gemstone arpeggio combine before leaving hissing percussion and the ever present kick in a cloud of steam. Closing track ‘Dakou’ is perhaps closest to the sound that Greene has become known for. Stacked with treated vocal loops and keening synths, a reprise of ‘Ready’s driving but organic drum programming powers the track thought with a finely balanced momentum as a deceptively simple melody weaves between the spaces left by the choir of loops. Just as things settle into a seemingly pleasant groove a supremely ragged acid line breaks the rhythmic mill pond, billowing, swelling and circling the track and becoming more over driven by the bar, before finally flickering out of view for a coda of of chiming synth pads, clockwork breaks and ambient workshop atmospherics.

    Additionally Jacques has been picked as one of this year’s Residents, among other high profile producers, at The Warehouse Project in Manchester. Following up the success of his Summer tour, expect to see him back DJing across the UK and Europe this Fall.