Visionist releases new 12″ on RAMP

Continuing his relentless schedule of releases with ep’s already out on Leisure System and Lit City this year, the turn now comes to the esteemed RAMP recordings.


New 12″ out now!

Boomkat writes:

“One of 2013’s most exciting producers follows exemplary issues for Leisure System , Lit City Trax and his Lost Codes label with two uniquely ductile riddims for Ramp. They’re both ghostly, mesmerising things, siphoning from and augmenting essential traces of grime, dubstep and that vapourous sound with reductionist efficiency. On ‘M’ he meditates in cool, glassy cyberspace with flitting synth voices suspended above plunging, precisely punchy subs and razor-cut hi-hats synched with exquisite swagger, whereas ‘Secrets’ feels like everything’s dragged down an octave with the sensation of rolling aqueous bass accentuated by the patter of rainfall and icy AFXian melody, all sounding like it’s heard reverberating outside the rave, sheltered in an archway. It’s surely Ramp’s finest release since their early Zombys.”