These Ghosts announce second album ‘Still the Waves’

‘Still The Waves’ will be released on Monday 15th September 2014 by NX Records – a collaborative label venture between Goldsmiths and Accidental Records. These Ghosts are Calum Duncan, (vocals, guitars, keyboards), Nick Yager, (bass, keyboards, backing vocals) and Harry Hall, (drums).

The recording process for the second album began during the summer of 2012 with Jonny Cole at The Mill Studio, Suffolk, and Matthew Herbert joined the project as Co- Producer in late 2013, spending a week with the band and Jonny in Whitstable. Herbert was in tune with the band’s aural alchemy – their conscious desire to create songs with electronic textures as well as a body of work that was dynamic and cohesive.

Opener, Young Blood, sets the sonic blue print, sepulchral, disembodied vocal cuts ups float across syncopated guitars before strident beats propel the song forwards. Lament articulates a sense regret via washed out and reverberated vocals set a-top reversed electronics. Elsewhere, the boys explore sound and form via the cinematic torch song and melancholy horn swells of Sleepless and the delay drenched piano pop of Gold Heart Green Skin. Debut single Coat of Feathers recalls Radiohead at their most magisterial, quietly imperious, all liquid chrome guitar lines and earnest, emotionally affecting vocals.


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