Tennyson and Mr. Carmack collaborate on new singles

Tennyson + Mr. Carmack Recording Session at at Red Bull Studios in Santa Monica

Teenage brother-sister duo ​Tennyson a​nd Los Angeles-based producer M​r. Carmack ​are teaming up to release three new singles consecutively this week. Their first joint single, called “Tuesday,” is Red Bull Sound Select’s first release of 2017 and premiered on THUMP. The instrumental track infuses its R&B foundation with electronic depth and jazz-inspired melodies to create a one-of-a-kind soundscape.

In many ways, Tennyson and Mr. Carmack come from two completely different worlds. Tennyson specializes in contemplative instrumental music, embodying experimentation and pop sensibilities akin to Aphex Twin. Conversely, Mr. Carmack brings an air of raucous intensity that hinges between dance music and hip-hop to his productions, eschewing contemplation for sheer id. But despite their wildly different approaches, Tennyson and Mr. Carmack bring out the best in each other, tempering their most dramatic impulses while highlighting the boundless creativity that makes both artists great.