Powell & Wolfgang Tillmans: Freezer video


Music can help you to discover reality in a new way. It can help you to picture your life differently, almost like a movie that sometimes you dream you are living, and then other times you actually do live. That dream may be a fight between beauty and oppression. If you are wondering how that could be visualized then just have to watch the latest Powell video directed by artist Wolfgang Tillmans

Tillmans’ exquisitely-placed shots flit from nature close-ups to photographs of police and security forces fueled beneath by Powell’s jagged acid-techno soundtrack. “Freezer” retains Powell’s signature style, while also mining new territory – in Pitchfork‘s words: “Freezer” proves that there’s still room in his formula for some shiny new influences. 

Powell performed at Tate Tanks on the 28th of April for NTS with Tillmans, whose solo exhibition at the Tate is currently on until June 11, providing the visuals for his new live set on this special occasion. A new reality is ready to begin. 

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