Positive Centre on Dommune

Positive Centre goes hard and fast on Dommune, Tokyo, with a powerful DJ set!

Covered in Sand – Russian Gold & Blood Diamonds [MIRA003x]
Truss – Clytha (Tommy Four Seven Remix) [OCS004]
Headless Horseman – Execution [HDL004]
Regis – Blood Witness (Extended Version) [LINO100]
British Murder Boys – Be Like I Am [BMB5]
SNTS – Untitled [HG16]
Shifted – Chapter 69 [OCS005]
EQD – Untitled [EQD005]
Shifted – The Cold Light (Sektor C) [AVN009]
Sigha – Hard Lines Soft Skin [OCS009]
British Murder Boys – Don’t Give Way To Fear [CBX010]
400PPM – Piquette Plant [AVN011]
Arcing Seas – Incal [OCS012]
Shifted – The Cold Light (Sektor A) [AVN008]
Sigha – Loop Five [AVN014]