Mondkopf’s debut LP ‘I’ as Extreme Precautions out today!

Today Paul Régimbeau a.k.a. Mondkopf has released his second LP this year, this time in the brand new guise of Extreme Precautions. Taking grindcore inspired electronics with the synths from a suspenseful horror thriller, the compositions on I are short, visceral, and hit you straight in the gut. The Guardian likens it to: “military-industrial might of Dominic Fernow’s various projects, the seething mood swings of Alec Empire, and the dancefloor malevolence of Laurent Garnier’s Sound of the Big Babou” while FACT proclaim that Régimbeau is,”… grubbing up the rust-clad spirit of the Birmingham-birthed grindcore sound and giving it a fresh lick of electronic paint”. Grab it from In Paradisum while it’s still in stock.

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