Mondkopf LP “They Fall, But You Don’t” out now


Mondkopf’s latest album They Fall But You Don’twritten in the wake of the 2015 Paris terrorist attacks is the French producer’s most direct and poignant statement to date. It was recorded live with analog synths in his room in Paris on the night of November 13, 2016. They Fall But You Don’t is the singular manifesto of a relationship to electronic music that leaves out the ideas of innovation and genre and more resembles the language of a new folk music; deeply evocative, powerful and free. The album was released January 27, 2017 on In Paradisum.

“Interesting, murky electronics from the depths of the Parisian underground. Crank this one at your next rave in the catacombs!” (Bleep

“His new album ‘They Fall But You Don’t‘ comes to crown a carefully thought out body of work, showing a musician going for new peaks, through both forlorn and luminous pieces of drone and dark ambient.” (Inverted Audio)

“Far from soulless studio-made electronic discs, “They Fall But You Do not,” a sublime new album by Mondkopf, is a raw, direct, deep and fascinating record.” (Noise Fr)

“Bleak, acrid chamber noise electronics from Paris-based Mondkopf, resonating strongly with the reverberant recordings of Alessandro Cortini or Joachim Nordwall, but better compared with the former for its swelling, emotive grip.” (Bookmat)

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