LittleBig welcomes Roly Porter


LittleBig proudly welcomes Roly Porter. The Bristol, UK-based electronic musician/composer started his career as one half of pioneering dubstep duo Vex-d. When Vex’d decided to go their separate ways in the mid 00s Porter pursued a solo career in an attempt to escape the genre constraints he felt had become too restrictive. His subsequent solo work under his own name ventured away from club-based electronic music, constructing dense, harrowing walls of sound utilizing classical instruments as well as heavy, distorted bass tones.

Roly’s music isn’t about ‘day to day’ life. Instead it’s an opportunity for him to think about ‘larger’ things outside his personal experience. Third Law, his latest release, is about combining everything Roly has loved and missed about producing sound-system music, coming to terms with his goal of leaving dance music as it is, free to explore ideas of rhythm, bass, sound design within his own world without having to shape any of these elements to fit any preconceived ideas or rules.

The totally immersive Third Law A/V show with MFO, launching the audience into the outer reaches of perception and space, debuted at Berlin Atonal in 2016 and has since gone on to be presented at high profile festivals internationally, setting the standard for what an A/V show can and should be.

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