Littlebig Welcomes Positive Centre / Debut LP on Our Circula Sound – out November 10th

After a pair of well-received EPs and a string of immersive live shows over the past year, Positive Centre prepares the release of his first long-player, entitled ‘In Silent Series’. Within this Album, Positive Centre offers a larger window into his unique take on techno. Submerged rhythm and shadow-drenched sonics combined with tunneling bass heft to create an at times unsettling blend of extreme momentum and forced introspection. The delicacy of his production help set him apart from the raft of techno producers currently mining the combination of a darker pallet and slower tempos, while the cohesiveness of the album and it’s structural narrative belie the fact that this is only the third official Positive Centre release. ‘In Silent Series’ confirms Positive Centre’s unique sound has emerged fully formed into the modern techno landscape.

‘In Silent Series’ will be released on Sigha’s Our Circula Sound label on November 10th.

01. No Need For Narration
02. Ashes In Exhalation
03. Out Was The Old In
04. Handed By Symmetry
05. Back To Steaming
06. Become The Surface
07. Stand Down Be Better
08. The Circled Rib
09. Old Father Sun Strider

Positive Centre is now available for Live & DJ Bookings for the rest of the year and throughout 2015.